Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Almost Done

Last night K and I went to re-prime the 3 walls I had painted in my apartment. I had been putting this off for over a month and I really did need to wait until a time when he could help me since I'm vertically challenged and needed help painting closer to the ceiling. I officially have to be out of my apartment this Saturday even though the last time I actually slept there was back in April. I've been counting down the days until I was completely moved out and done dealing with that mess of a place. Despite only living there a year (and only sleeping there a third of the time) I wouldn't have renewed my lease even if I were still single and needing a place of my own to live.

When my BFF Colleen and I moved in there together last year things started off promising but shortly after our move in date the management changed and things went down here. Both her and I have had issues with the management and basically their incompetence and unorganization. Not to mention the fact that the apartment and all the appliances in it are very old and barely work. Thankfully both her and I didn't have to spend a whole lot of time there due to our relationships. The only positive I can really say about the place is that the location was very good and it was within walking distance to a lot of stores (not that I ever walk anywhere, that's why God invented cars!).

Anyway when I moved in I was sick to death of only having white walls wherever I lived so I decided to spruce up the place by painting one of the living room, dining room and bedroom walls. But knowing how the management tries to squeeze every penny out of it's residents and charge for things they don't tell you about up front, I knew that they would try to make me pay God knows how much to re-paint three walls. So after talking to one of the guys in the main office he said all I really needed to do was prime the walls since they paint between tenants anyway. So that's what we did last night. We actually were able to knock it out pretty quick and even got two coats on each wall. However I'm still covered in paint, it's even in my hair despite taking a nice long shower last night. I guess I won't go into painting as my new profession even though it's a pretty kick ass arm workout.

Now all I have to do is go back and grab the few cleaning items I left there and drop of my keys and my rent check for the whole 4 days in July that my lease ran through, give them a big F-U and never look back. I now have a much cuter, much sweeter landlord!


RCaitlin said...

It's really great when ur in a good relationship and don't have to deal with rent crap. My problem happened to be with my roommates AND the landlord. It was such a relief to get away!

SG said...

Renting sucks in general!

Hey I tried to access your blog today but kept getting an "operation aborted" message. What's up with that??

Abbie said...

I loved the vertically challenged comment. I hear you! That's why J hates to paint because he's always having to reach the tall spaces that I can't reach!

Alicia said...

i'm dying to repaint my house right now!! the hubs says i have to wait for a bit though... booo!