Wednesday, April 23, 2014

humpday confessions

Today I'm linking up with one of my favorite bloggers Kathy for her Humpday Confessions. Kathy is the queen of gifs and is awesome about responding to all comments which I love. 

Ryan button

1. Last Friday I got to leave work early for Good Friday but instead of going to pick up my son early I went to Target. It had been a stressful week and I wanted some retail therapy. I spent about $100 in 15 minutes so mission accomplished.

2. I've always been a bit sad at the thought of leaving Hunter overnight but next week I'm going to FL to visit one of my dearest friends and her new twins for the weekend and I'm really not sad about leaving Hunter. I desperately need a bit of time away and I will be enjoying lots of baby snuggles.

3. I really really hope my husband gives me a very nice birthday/Mother's Day gift next month. I deserve it. 

4. As much as I want to have another baby, once Hunter is in bed at night and I'm able to just veg out on the couch and catch up on my DVR I think to myself  "it's really nice not having a newborn keeping me up all night".

5. We hid most of Hunters Easter candy and we will probably end up throwing most of it out. None of us need to eat that much candy.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

For the first time we decided to host Easter at our house for our parents. It was nice being able to stay at home where Hunter had all of his toys to play with and we didn't have to rush out the door or deal with traveling to someone else's house. Because our neighbors who have young kids were also going to be home we planned a little egg hunt for Hunter and his two friends Zachary and Jordynn.

We couldn't have asked for better weather and lunch was delicious. We had ham, asparagus, homemade mac n' cheese (from my mom), pineapple souffle (from my MIL), salad and rolls and chocolate pecan pie and sweet potato pie (from our neighbor) for dessert. It was fabulous. 

On Saturday night we dyed some eggs. Hunter lost interest pretty quick once we had to sit and wait for the dye to take affect. 

After he went to bed the bunny dropped of his basket which was full of some small trucks, fun socks, books and a few edible treats. 

Hunter seemed to think Easter was a mix of Halloween and Christmas with the presents and candy left for him. Needless to say he was thrilled. 

Me and my love. 

Hunter had just woken up for a nap and wasn't in a smiling mood at that moment. 

Hunter with Grandma and Papa. 

Hunter with mama and Nana. 

The egg hunt went really well, we had over 100 stuffed eggs for 3 kids. At first Hunter wanted to open each egg and eat the candy, once we convinced him to go find the eggs first he was off and running. He even broke a sweat and filled 2 baskets!

Once the hunt was over the kids enjoyed some cookies and pretzels together. They really play nicely with each other and it's pretty adorable to watch. 

We had such a wonderful Easter with our family and friends, we were definitely very blessed this year. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Five

1. This weekend I'm going to my future sister-in-laws Bachelorette party in D.C. I can't even tell you the last time I went out for drinks and dancing in D.C. I used to do it all the time back in my younger, single days but since being married and having a kid I just have no interest. In fact I told Kristian I have no idea what to wear. What do people wear out to clubs nowadays? I packed up all my old Ho clothes a long time ago. It should be fun assuming I can actually stay awake past 10pm. #SoOld #SoLame

2. I'm actually pretty excited about Easter next weekend. We are having our parents over for a late lunch and we are even planning to do a small Easter Egg Hunt out in front of our houses with our two neighbors that have a 3 year old and 2 year old that Hunter is friends with. I can't wait to see the kids run around and look for eggs. Sad that I'm more excited to watch my kid hunt for Easter eggs than to go out dancing at midnight in the city. My how times have changed!

3. My friend and neighbor Aimee gave me these sandals the other night. She ordered them off of Zulily for her daughter thinking they were a toddler size 6 turns out she ordered a women's size 6 by mistake. She can't return them and I happen to wear a size 6 so win for me! They are really cute and comfy.

4. I am loving the warmer weather and longer daylight hours in the evening. We have gotten back in our routine of hanging out in front of the house in the evenings once I get home from work. Hunter gets to play with his two little friends while I get to talk to their parents and have some social time. We are so lucky to have such nice neighbors and the fact that they have kids the same age as Hunter is a huge bonus! Also, Hunter has suddenly gotten very good at riding his balance bike. He will now get a running start, lift his feet and glide down the sidewalk for several feet. He keeps saying "Go fast, go fast" He will give me a heart attack one of these days.

5. There still isn't much progress in the potty training department. We tried the underwear thing but he didn't seem to care when he peed in the underwear. I had hoped it would bother him enough that he would be more willing to go on the potty but no such luck. I really just don't think he's ready. He will still go once or twice a day at school but he has no interest in going at home and I'm okay with that. He'll get there.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weekend bullet points

This past weekend we:

  • Gave Hunter his first at home haircut. We figured we would give it try and save some money. Kristian did most of it using his hair trimmer and some scissors. We gave Hunter a lollipop which helped keep him entertained for a few minutes. He did much better than when we take him to a professional place and Kristian did a great job for a first time cut. There were a few uneven spots but nothing too horrific. 

  • Shortly after his haircut my mom arrived to spend the weekend. I think she needed a Hunter fix. Hunter loves his Nana and one of his favorite things to do with her is bake muffins. He calls himself the muffin man. He is actually getting quite good at it and remembering what the steps are. 

  • There was also some story time involved, since the weather was pretty nasty we couldn't go outside and play.

  • We decided to take advantage of the free babysitter and actually go see a movie on a Saturday night! We rarely go to the movie theater anymore and when we do it's always one of the early morning shows because they are cheap but we figured why not splurge for a change. Between the tickets and food and it was close to $50! We saw Divergent and I really liked it! I thought it stuck pretty close to the book and I really liked the first book. Kristian seemed to enjoy it as much as he enjoys any of those type of movies though I think he preferred the Hunger Games.

  • On Sunday after my mom left we did finally did our taxes. Thanks to Hunter and owning a home we were able to get a few deductions and actually get a decent refund back! Unfortunately it will all be going towards paying off the medical bills we have from Kristian's surgery.
  •  The weather on Sunday was even worse so once again we stayed inside all day but Hunter was a good boy all weekend. He really is such a joy and I'm so thankful I get to be his mama.