Friday, July 17, 2009


First off I have to say that I truly hate that the acronym for Save the Dates is STD...that's almost as bad as the acronym BM for bridesmaids. I don't want to be thinking about poop when I refer to the lovely ladies in my wedding party. But I guess in the day of WTF, OMG, LOL and my personal fav STFU it's to be expected.

Anyhoo, I mention the STD's because I brought up the topic of what we should do for ours to K the other night. To which I got the predictable response of "why do we need Save the Dates, everyone already knows when the wedding is". I took a deep breath and gently tried to explain to my husband-to-be that Save the Dates are a courtesy that many people like to receive. Obviously our immediate family members and wedding party know when the wedding is (at least they better!) but a lot of our other distant family members and friends probably don't have that date marked on their calendar covered in hearts and flowers like I do.

Also, there are probably several friends that don't necessarily know that they will be invited. In this day and age with the economy what it is so many couples (including us) are opting for smaller guests lists so I'm sure there are a number of our friends that aren't sure if they've made the guest list cut...honestly we're still trying to figure out which friends we are and are not inviting. I would like to give these people more than about 8 weeks notice especially since our wedding is the weekend before Memorial Day and I'm sure people will be making other vacation plans. Of course his solution was "can't we just call them and tell them?" Well....yes...we could...but I know of one groomsman in particular who everytime he sees us asks us what the wedding date is. It would be nice if he had a physical reminder of the day in question.

So after making all of my very valid and wise points the boy finally agreed that maybe they are a good idea. One battle won! Now we are just trying to compromise on WHAT to send. I'm pretty insistent on sending out a magnet as opposed to a postcard or some kind of piece of paper which can easily get mixed in with the junk mail and tossed (I hate to admit I'm guilty of this). I think a magnet is more likely to be used and kept and are great reminders. Actually I still have all the STD magnets I've gotten from weddings past. So I think we've agreed to using a magnet. Now the question is do we go with a plain magnet of only text or one that includes a photo?


Alicia said...

magnets are a fabulous idea!! and i'd go for the ones with the pictures!! your REAL friends will keep it on the fridge even after the

Kristen Sara said...

I like adding a picture to the magnet... And I wanted to let you know you won my giveaway!! So I have lots of goodies to send off in the mail to you. Just let me know what address to send them to and I will get them in the mail! Congrats!

kage said...

What a fun idea!! Magnets!! I just made our save the dates in photoshop and bought a heavy stock paper from Michael's to print them on. I love them!!

I would say magnets with some sort of pic or design. Do you have a theme or unifying colour for your wedding? If so, you could use that. For example, I'm using a B&W cherry blossom branch and two birds on all of our stationery.