Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5 Months- 5/30/12

Dearest Hunter,
Today you are 5 months old! I don't think I will ever get used to how quickly time is flying. This past month has been one full of fun new developments as well as frustration in the sleep department. Everyday you become more of an active, alert little person. Your personality is really starting to show and it's been so much fun watching you start to play with toys and engage with us when we play or talk to you. Everybody that meets you falls in love immediately especially when you give them one of your famous "open mouth smiles". Daddy and I love you little man always and forever.
Weight/Length- No well check this month but based on your weight a month ago I would definitely say you're over 18 pounds now. My poor arms get a workout every morning when I have to carry you inside daycare in your carseat.

Eating- You're still eating about 5 1/2-6 ozs every three hours or so. You are getting about 80% breastmilk and 20% formula. I'm having a hard time keeping up with your demand so you get one or two formula bottles a day. You get a formula bottle before bed which you often won't finish because you fall asleep. We started you on solids and that has been a lot of fun. We started with oatmeal which you didn't seem too excited about then avocado which you liked, then bananas which you loved (no surprise since I craved banana smoothies while pregnant) and then sweet potato which you weren't a fan of initially. You do very well with the spoon, you reach for it with your mouth open and then just suck on whatevers on it. You prefer to get the food on your fingers and then just suck on those. I think we're going to try apples next!

Sleep- This month has been much like last month. You're still not sleeping very well, waking up multiple times wanting either your paci or to eat. You seem only able to sleep for 2-3 hours before waking up again. There have been a few nights where you slept for more than 6 hours so I know it is possible. We've started using the noise machine with sounds of waves now over the white noise of the radio static which seems to help and last night I left one arm out of your swaddle which also seemed to help. I'm trying to wean you off the swaddling. You nap pretty well during the day, especially at daycare. Probably because you're tired from being up all night!

Clothes- You're now in almost all 6 month or 6-9 month outfits and even some 9 months clothes and sleepers fit you best. All the outfits I bought that I thought would last you through the summer you will outgrow probably within the next month or so at the rate you're going.

Diapers- We moved you up to the size 3 diapers this month and those are fitting much better. Unfortunately we had a lot of size 1 and 2's leftover but plan to give those to one of your future friends that is due to be born anyday now!

Appearance- Your hair has lightened up a lot and is now a very light brown/dark blonde and even gets a bit of a curl in it when wet. I suspect you will have your grandfathers hair. Your eyes are still a dark blue with hints of gray and even some green in them. Your eczema is still bad and seems to get worse if we don't lather you up with lotion multiple times a day. You also seem to get the same mystery rashes that mommy gets that last for a day and then disappear. I'm debating taking you to a dermatologist and see if they have any more advice beyond what your pediatrician thinks.

Personality- During the day you are a really happy baby, especially in the mornings when you're full of smiles and cooing. You love to just lay on your back and "talk" and have also discovered how to spit and blow bubbles which you like to do. Whenever you see someone you know you always greet them with a big smile and love to be cuddled and played with. You're still a mama's boy and will almost immediately calm down when I get home if you've been fussy for your father (which he finds frustrating). You get more fun everyday.

-You are really starting to enjoy toys more now. You love your rattles and your Sophie giraffe. Basically anything that you can hold or put in your mouth.
-You still love your playmat and you really like rolling around on it.
-You loved the baby pool as well as bathtime. You're a definite water baby.
-You like eating with a spoon and keep trying to grab at what mommy and daddy are eating.
-You LOVE your jumperoo chair, you go nuts bouncing up and down in that.
-You like to be outside and to people watch.

-You started solids- oatmeal, avocado, bananas and sweet potatoes
-You help to celebrate mommy's birthday and our first Mother's Day together as well as Memorial Day.
-You went to your grandparents beach house for the first time and played in the sand.
-You were babysat somewhere other than your house for the first time (Aunt Michelle's house).
-You rolled over from your back to your belly for the first time on mommy's birthday and now do it constantly.
-You are getting better at holding your bottle while being fed.
-You can sit up on your own for short periods of time...actually you lean over and rest your belly on your legs but it's progress.
-You giggle a lot more now.
Five month photo shoot.

We love you Hunter!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day 2012 (photo dump)

*I took 180 pictures this weekend, it's amazing I was able to whittle them down to about 18 to post here*

Memorial Weekend was spent at my in-laws beach house about 2 hours south of where we live. It was both Hunter and my mom's first trip to the house and a fabulous weekend was had by all. Hunter adored having both grandmas and his grandpa to play with and love on him all weekend. Moxie had the time of her life with her dog cousins, all of her grandparents and digging in the sand and chewing on the fish Kristian caught.

It was great to see Hunter's first experience with sand and in a baby pool. I think he's going to be a water lover like his parents.

He slept like crap both nights as expected but I did get in a nice long nap on Sunday. So overall it was a pretty successful weekend.

Ready for the beach in the little crab outfit his daddy bought him. Note this is only the second piece of clothing Kristian has ever picked out and bought for Hunter. He leaves his wardrobe up to me.

Not sure who was more fascinated by the toys, Hunter or Moxie.

I think he's going to like crab as much as his father and grandfather. The brainwashing has already begun.

Hunter with Grandma and Sophie.

Three Generations plus three dachshunds (one of my favorite pictures)

He loves when daddy throws him in the air.

My chunky monkey, he needs to start carrying me around.

Happy Memorial Day!

Dog swimoff

Ready for the sun. And mommy's first time in a bikini post baby. Ugh!

He liked having his toes in the sand and didn't even mind the cold water on his feet.

One of the moments Kristian's been looking forward to since we found out we were having a little one.

Hunter loved the baby pool, we let the water warm up in the sun. It was like a big bath that mommy was a part of!

"Can I take a bath like this everyday mom?"

Hunter thinks his grandpa is funny.

Family photo (after about 25 takes)

Hunter and his three favorite ladies.

Yep I think he likes the beach.

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Weekend.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Creativity is not our strength

As I briefly mentioned yesterday, Kristian and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary this past Saturday. Kristian's sister very kindly offered to watch Hunter for us so we could go out. She even offered to keep him overnight but at almost 5 months I'm still not quite ready to be away from my boy overnight (despite the fact that I haven't gotten more than 3 consecutive hours of sleep any night this week).

Initially I had all sorts of cool ideas for ways to celebrate during the daytime but since my sister-in-law wasn't available until after 4pm to watch Hunter we decided to just go to dinner and a movie. Yeah, not super creative but I can't remember the last time we went to dinner and a movie on a Saturday night, even pre-baby, it's too damn expensive. Umm $23 for tickets and $4.50 for a SMALL soda? Do I look like Donald Trump? Sigh.

We did start out the day with a family trip to Costco where we spent WAY too much money per usual followed by a trip to a watch outlet store in the mall so I could buy myself a belated birthday present. Say hello to my new friend-

I love it like a fat kid loves cake.
Note- I haven't owned or worn a watch since high school. I feel so adult!

We then headed home so I could make myself pretty for date night. I just love having a reason to get dressed up and look like a hot wife rather than a greasy, frumpy mommy.
I believe this dress is from Target and I bought it last summer in anticipation of having a huge bump (it's NOT a maternity dress though) I still love it, it's SUPER comfy.

The happy couple still crazy in love and good looking after two years and one kid!

We headed to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants- Coastal Flats for food and drinks. My Fi-Let Mig-Non, as I call it, was divine.

After dinner we walked over to the movie theater to see The Avengers. Yep super romantic movie to watch for your anniversary. Actually it was my suggestion and I think I liked it more than Kristian did. On the way to the theater we passed some prom kids taking pictures by the fountains. When exactly did prom dresses get so slutty? Thank God I have a son.

We had a great time together sans baby and it was a much needed night out. And as for Hunter, well he was the perfect angel baby for his aunt and cousins of course!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So What?!

Another round of Shannon's So What Wednesday!

Today I'm saying So What if:

-We celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary Saturday night by going to dinner and a movie. It's not very creative but a few baby free hours together to just be a couple is priceless.

-The one cocktail I had at dinner gave me a buzz. I think I've had 4 alcoholic drinks in the past 13 months (all being after Hunter was born of course)

-My husband didn't remember it was our anniversary yesterday until I said something about it. He made up for it by buying me pretty roses and making me my favorite dinner.

-One of the main things I'm looking forward to about spending the holiday weekend at my inlaws beach house is that both my mom and MIL will be there to help watch Hunter so I can take a nap or three.

-I will probably spend the Target gift card I got for my birthday on baby clothes rather than clothes for myself.

-All the new recipes we try nowadays come from Pinterest despite having about 87 cookbooks in our house.

-I'm a walking zombie this week, I haven't gotten more than 3 consecutive hours of sleep the past 3 nights.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Two years ago I vowed before family, friends and God to love you forever.

And I sealed that vow with a kiss.

And we walked together to begin our new life as husband and wife.

And we stole a few kisses to celebrate.

And danced the night away.

And lived happily ever after.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow I love you the most.
Happy Anniversary Husband.

Friday, May 18, 2012

What a difference a few months makes

When I knew that Hunter would be born in time for New Year's Eve I bought him a little tuxedo onesie to wear in the hospital on NYE. Of course I never imagined my baby would end up in the NICU and we would be ringing in the New Year in the NICU holding a baby hooked up to various monitors.

Because of all of his wires I wasn't able to dress him in the cute (way too big) onesie I had for the occasion. However, I did the best I could by holding it up to him.  Well four months later I found the onesie again in his drawer and decided to finally put it on him. I'll admit I was afraid it would be too small since my kid is growing at warp speed. But I was able to squeeze Sir Chunkalot into it and get a few pictures. It's amazing how much he's grown in just 4 short months.

Midnight on 12/31/11. Two days old in the NICU.
Four months old and more than doubled in weight since birth.

I think I may have to frame these and have them sitting out when he goes to the prom or gets married.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So What!

Linking up with Shannon again for another So What Wednesday!

So What if:

-My kid dresses better than I do. In a few years I won't have much say over what he wears I better enjoy dressing him while I can.

-On the same note--if I can't ever make it out of Target without buying Hunter a new outfit.

-If I get anxiety when my DVR gets more than 50% full.

-Reading other people's pregnancy blogs makes me miss being pregnant (still no more babies for a while though!!)

-I finally joined Twitter. Apparently blogs, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest weren't enough of a distraction. I'm so 2009!

-Our wedding anniversary is next week and we still don't have any plans lined up to celebrate.

-I still have a little belly pooch for bathing suit season. I made a person.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012


This past Saturday we celebrated my 32nd birthday with family. I spent my morning playing with my son and watching him roll over from his back to his belly for the first time! **Turns out he had apparently already done this at daycare but until I see it, it doesn't count** While I played with Hunter, Kristian ran to the store to buy all the goodies for our family cookout and then came home, cleaned and set everything up while I took a nice, long, hot shower.

I came downstairs after getting ready and saw that he had decorated the dining room for the party.

I was ready to celebrate!

And so was Hunter, whether he liked it or not!

My mom was feeling much better than she had been at the same time 32 years earlier.

My in-laws (my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and two of her three kids) came over to help celebrate my birthday and Mother's Day. Hunter likes his Aunt and cousins.

My brother's girlfriend Melissa made my birthday cake. Unfortunately she couldn't make it to the party but the cake was awesome.

Blowing out the candles after making a wish...and the wish has already come true :)

I think my two guys have something up their sleeve.

Family photo including the animals.

Hunter sure does like grandpa

And his grandparents sure do like him!

My honey did real good with picking out my birthday/Mother's Day gift. My first ever piece of jewelry from Tiffany's.

The whole day was fabulous. Kristian grilled some excellent food and everyone had a great time playing with Hunter. I got some really nice presents including another bracelet and necklace and a photobook from my MIL with pictures starting at our engagement all the way through Hunter's birth and recent photos. The funny thing is that for Mother's Day I made her and my mom each a photobook using the professional maternity and newborn photos of Hunter, which they both loved.

I spent my birthday exactly how I wanted, with the ones I love most.

Monday, May 14, 2012

First Mother's Day

As I mentioned last week, I was very excited to celebrate my first Mother's Day as a mama this year. And the fact that it fell the day after my birthday was just icing on the cake (more on my birthday to come in another post).

The weather this weekend couldn't have been better, warm and sunny and perfect for enjoying the outdoors. Since we had had people over the day before for my birthday, and Kristian had worked his butt off playing host, I decided to take it easy on him for Mother's Day.

After bringing me some fruit tart in bed for breakfast and morning cuddles with my boys we debated packing up a picnic basket and heading over to a nearby lake but neither of us had the motivation to shop for picnic goodies, so instead we headed to a nearby restaurant we both like that is on the water for a relaxing lunch with our little man.

We had a little photo shoot before we left to document the occasion and to show off Hunter's cute little ensemble.

He's so big he will be carrying me around soon.

Moxie was a being a jealous little B. And yes I know my kid is a chunk.

Thanks to this little man, I get to wear the best title I've ever had. Mother.

My two favorite men at lunch. Hunter is always fascinated with daddy's beer bottles. Like father like son.

After lunch we came home and Hunter and I took a nap in my bed for about 2 hours and snuggled. It was great.

We got up and decided to give the little man some avocado for the first time. We just took a regular avocado and mashed it up until it was bascially puree and added a little water to make it a bit more liquidy. He's doing better and better with the spoon. He will lean towards it and open his mouth and wait for me to shove some food in. He finally started grabbing the spoon with his hand, getting the avocado on it and then just sucking on his fist. Hey at least it was getting in his mouth. Whatever works.

"Hey dad, what's this green crap mom's giving me?"

"Hey that's not a bottle!"

"Yum, something other than boring, old milk"

And by far my favorite picture of the weekend and the one I plan to put in his high school yearbook when he graduates.

My first Mother's Day was wonderful, thanks to my amazing husband and son. I am so blessed and thankful to have them both in my life and to get to finally celebrate this holiday as a mama.

Happy (belated) Mother's Day to all you mamas out there.