Monday, January 18, 2016

Twenty Sixteen

Long time no type huh? I have to admit I never really planned to stop blogging last year, I just sort of lost the desire and as more time went on the desire continued to decrease. In addition to the loss of motivation I must admit that 2015 wasn't my best year and I spent most of it in a bit of funk. While nothing particularly bad happened there were many frustrations and disappointments.

The miscarriage at the end of 2014 really took a lot out of me emotionally, then followed by a year of trying to get pregnant again, testing, medications etc. It was draining. Then added on top of that, getting two new accounts at work which increased my work load exponentially and about five months of constant stress (which probably didn't help the whole baby making).

There were definitely some bright spots last like the birth of my niece/god-daughter Violet, taking a wonderful beach trip in August and pretty much any time I got to spend with my husband and son, those two keep me sane.

So what have we been up to over the past year:

We've done some work on our house, made a few minor, but much needed updates and have plans to do even more this year. We've switched out light fixtures, replaced our dryer, replaced our fence, redid our stairs/walkway outside and painted the outside of the house. Even though this isn't my dream house we don't have plans to move anytime soon so we may as well make it as nice as we can in the time we are here. We are hoping to have our master bathroom renovated in the next month or so, as soon as we can get our butts in gear and pick out all the material.

As I mentioned work has been insane and I also decided this year to become a Beachbody coach, primarily for the discount and to keep myself accountable with my eating and working out and I must say it has helped. I worked out more last year than in years past and got in better shape. I was also able to help many friends and made some extra money so win-win.

Hunter has continued to be awesome, he's in the PREP/Pre-K3 program at school and is doing so well. Everyday he surprises me with something new that he's learned. He's a complete sweetheart and charms everyone he meets (much like his daddy).

Kristian and I are better than ever, we've been married over 5 years and everything is still pretty great. Yes we have our disagreements but we've learned pretty well how to manage those. He's been busy this year with hunting and fishing and his new hobbies of metal detecting, trapping (beavers in the river) and making knives. He's a man of many talents and doesn't like to be bored.

So that's that, I'm hoping to be a bit more consistent again with posting but no guarantees. I plan to post when I have the desire or have something specific to write about which could be a few times a week or a couple times a month.

In the meantime if you want to follow me on Instagram, where I post more regularly, you can find me at sep0522.