Monday, July 13, 2009

Done and Done

I'm starting to cross some of the biggies off my wedding to-do list. I sent back the catering contract today along with the deposit so that they will hold our date. We still have up until a month before the wedding to finalize the menu, the guest count, linens etc. I CANNOT WAIT to do the tasting, just looking at the proposed menu on the contract makes my mouth water.

Oh yeah and I FOUND A DRESS!!! Finally! On Saturday I went shopping with one of my besties/bridesmaid Colleen. First we went to Ellie's Bridal in Old Town Alexandria, close to where the wedding will be. There were 3 dresses that I liked a lot but determined one would be better suited for a beach wedding and the other wasn't quite as full at the bottom as I wanted, however Colleen said if I didn't want that one she would take it! But then I tried on another dress and I LOVED it. Colleen pointed out that my demeanor was just different in this dress and I was even swaying back and forth in it as if I were dancing. There are a few minor adjustments I would like to make which the shop can do without any problem and I don't think will cost too much extra. After realizing that I really did love this dress the nerves kicked in because I had no idea how much it cost. They don't have any price tags on the dresses (irritating) and the consultant didn't ask me my price range (irritating x2) so for all I knew the dress could have been $5K which needless to say is WAY out of my budget range. I cautiously asked how much it was and began to jump up and down a little when they said the price was within the range I was hoping AND cheaper than the other previous dresses that I really liked.

Anyway I didn't order it because we still had another shop to check out later that afternoon and because I really do want my mom to see me in it first. So we stopped for a quick lunch at Cosi and then headed to another shop in Falls Church. At the second shop Colleen basically had to help me with trying on and zipping up the dresses and due to my poor planning of wearing a thong got to see more of me than she ever really needs to. There's was another dress there I liked a lot but ultimately not as much as the dress at the first shop.

So my plan is go back this weekend with my mom and try the dress on for her. The store didn't allow me to take pictures but I did send her the link to the dress online and she loved it. Then I'll get measured and put in the order which should take about 6 months. The dress has everything I was looking for, the sweetheart neckline, the lace, the right amount of poof at the bottom, a little bit of sparkle and a reasonable price!


RCaitlin said...

Congrats! That's so exciting! I'm glad it was in your price range. Those dresses can be outrageously expensive!

Abbie said...

Yay!! How exciting!! It's such a relief to get this marked off the to-do list... and even better that it's perfect for you AND your budget!