Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wedding Party Wednesday

I haven't talked much about the fabulous family and friends that have graciously agreed to be in our wedding party so I've decided to start Wedding Party Wednesday's, where I will introduce a member of our wedding party and tell you about why that particular person kicks ass.

First up is Krista aka my MOH aka Matron of Honor aka girl that has put up with my craziness for the past decade. I met Krista way back in 1998 when I was still sporting some hideous bangs and thought skorts where the hot thing in fashion. Yeah I was a hot mess. I was a wee little incoming freshman to East Carolina University (GO Pirates!) and going through the treacherous Sorority Rush... err... Recruitment. Krista was already a member of and one of the first people I met when I walked into the AOII house. I think she liked me mainly because I was also from her home state of Maryland and us "yankees" have to stick together. I still insist that a large part of why these wonderful girls agreed to allow fashion challenged little me into their sorority was due to Krista's persuasion and I will be forever grateful.

Ever since we've been incredibly close. We've shared many heartaches and triumphs together and from even our early days of friendship we would plan out our future weddings. I've been able to spend vacations in the Outerbanks with her and her family, Christmas Eve's at her parents house and I even briefly dated her little brother when I was a sophomore in college and he was a *cough*seniorinhighschool*cough*. I also had the honor and pleasure of being her maid of honor last summer when she married her awesome husband Todd (who makes the best sandwich's at 2am when you're drunk!).

Krista and I always joked that we would end up being the crazy cat ladies together but thankfully we've both found amazing men who are willing to put up with us and no longer have to look forward to a future life as spinsters. She's always been like the big sister I never had and I'm so happy she will stand next me on my wedding day!


Alicia said...

how sweet!! hahaaa you dated her little brother??? you cradle robber! and i would kill to see the late 90's fashion photos of you sporting some skorts!

Kym said...

what a great idea! and your wedding stories will help because im the MOH for my brothers wedding coming up in November so i can could use any tips/stories! hehe!

P.S - what is your email address so we can talk more about your "beef & brocorri" shirt! haha i love that btw ;P

RCaitlin said...

What a great story :). It sounds like she's a wonderful friend. Glad that she is sharing in your big day!