Sunday, June 30, 2013

18 Months- 6/30/13

You're 1 1/2 years old!!
Only 6 more months until you're 2!!

Weight/Length- You don't have your 18 month appt for a couple weeks so I will update then but right around 30 pounds I would guess.

Eating- Nothing much new here. Still love fruit and most meat. Not a big fan of veggies though we've discovered you seem to like edamame and peas so I'll take what we can get.   

Sleep- Also pretty much the same. In bed around 7:45pm and up around 6:30am, typically you will wake up briefly at least once during the night but fall back to sleep easily. All last week you were waking up between 5-5:30am which was NOT cool but now you seem back on track. Not quite sure what the deal was with that. Typically nap from noon-2pm.

Clothes- Mainly 18 months and some 24 months. You seem to be thinning out now that you are so active so I'm hoping some of you winter clothes from a few months back will still fit this winter.  

Diapers- Size 5 both daytime and overnight.

Appearance- Your hair is still getting lighter and your eyes still change color depending on what you are wearing. Daddy had blonde hair as a toddler so we keep wondering if yours will eventually darken as well.

Personality- You are ALL boy, you love all the stereotypical boy stuff and are wild and rambunctious. I think the fact that your daycare class is full of boys plays a large part in this as well. You are still very loving and sweet and give lots of hugs and kisses. You usually follow directions very well and are well behaved in public. You have tantrums like any toddler but nothing excessive or unusual. You've become much more clingy to me when I drop you off at daycare and shy around strangers.

-Playing with your new water table.
-Playing outside
-Going to the store and people watching while in the shopping cart
-Playing on the iPad
-Sitting my lap while I read you a book or do your flashcards
-Doing your wooden puzzles with the cars and trucks
-Watching videos of yourself on mommy's phone and doing Facetime with grandma

-You are able put all the pieces back in the right spot on your wooden Melissa and Doug puzzle with the cars and trucks.
-You are able to navigate some of the Apps on the iPad by yourself.
-Able to understand and follow 90% of the directions I give you.
-Using your spoon and fork much better.
-Saying SO many more words this month!

New words that you say regularly and in the right context:
-Cold (pronounced Old)
-PaPa (for Grandpa)
-Beep Beep
-Copter (for Helicopter)
-Oink Oink (when asked what sound a pig makes)
-Mooo (when asked what sound a cow makes)

New ride from Grandma!

He's able to put all of these puzzle pieces back in the right spot.

Photo on the left is Kristian as a little boy. Proof of where Hunter's blonde hair comes from.

Working the iPad like it's his job.

His new shirt that says "I Do My Own Stunts" on the front and has a detachable cape on the back!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's Harder Now

Hunter has been going to daycare since he was 6 weeks old. Not by choice, but by necessity, that's the amount of maternity I had and quitting my job to stay home is just not financially possible (thank you ridiculous student loans). It's never been easy to leave him, that first day I felt like I was literally leaving my heart behind. But over time it's gotten easier. It helps that he loves daycare and his teachers love him. And I won't lie, there are days when I'm grateful for the option of taking him (like when I'm sick).

But lately it's been harder for me to be away from him during the day. I still like his daycare and it amazes me how much he's learning while he's there. Even if I had the option to stay home with him I would still want him to go there part time just for the learning/social aspect of it. But I hate being away from him ALL day. Having only about 2 hours with him in the evenings.

When he was a baby it sucked but lets be honest, he mainly just slept, ate and pooped. He has no memory of that time. But now? NOW he's turning into a little kid. A kid that talks and plays and follows directions and has a mind of his own. He's starting to form memories that he will be able to look back on and I want to be in most of those memories.

Yes he's a typical toddler that will fuss and have tantrums and can be downright exhausting at times. And yes, on the weekends I pray to the nap Gods that he will sleep for 2+ hours in order to get a little break but BUT he is also FUN. I love hanging out with my little man. I love taking him places with me and want to be able to enjoy that as long as I can before he hits the stage of being a terror in public. He loves to people watch and talk when we're out and it's nice having a little companion to run errands with. And now that it's summer I want to be able to take him to the park and the pool and the zoo and play outside, rather than be stuck inside an office for 8 hours a day.

By the time I get home from work we have about 2 hours to make, eat and cleanup dinner, play a bit, bath time and get ready for bed. There isn't time to go on fun adventures. If I'm lucky we can squeeze in a quick stroller walk or play briefly with the water table. But it all feels so rushed. We have the weekends but there are still chores that need to be done like grocery shopping and laundry and errand running which cuts into fun family time.

Hunter is at an age where we can actually do stuff with him, where he can interact and participate rather than just be carried around or sleep in a stroller. I see all the photos on Instagram and Facebook from the stay at home moms doing fun activities during the day with their kids while I sit jealousy at my desk at work. It's hard. It's harder now than it was. But it's my reality so I'm trying not to dwell on it too much and just really enjoy the time I have with my son.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Date Nights- Good for the marriage soul

Date Nights are so important for married couples, especially once kids enter the picture. It's a chance to get away and be a couple again and not just mom and dad. Kristian and I don't get many date night opportunities so when the chance presents itself we jump on it and don't look back.

My mom was able to come down and visit this weekend. It had been a few weeks and I knew she needed a Hunter fix and I needed a mom fix. Watching my mother and my son together just makes my heart happy. He sure does love his grandma and I know the feeling is mutual. So on Saturday, after I returned from a much needed haircut we all hung out until Kristian and I left for dinner.

My mom introduced Hunter to his first Freezer Pop.

He sucked on it and replied "Old", which is how he says cold.

He then wanted to check out the pretty flowers that his daddy has planted.

Kristian and I left a little earlier than normal because we wanted to stop at a few places before dinner and do some shopping for clothes to take on our Cayman Islands trip. My husband very rarely gets new clothes and most of his shorts are stained or have holes in them so we needed a few things that would make him look a bit more presentable. We also each wanted to buy something new to wear to the actual wedding, which is the reason we are going. I found a cute pink dress at Marshalls and he bought some white linen pants and a blue polo shirt. It was fun to just walk around and shop and pick stuff out for each other. Most men would probably find that torturous but pretty much anything we get to do together without the toddler is a fun.

Afterwards we went to a new restaurant that we wanted to try called Firebirds. It was delicious and we had the best time together, just talking, laughing, flirting and leisurely eating without having to jump up every 2 seconds to get something for the toddler or try to keep him entertained or rush through it because we still need to do bathtime. We got to have real conservations, ones that surprisingly didn't just focus on said toddler.

*A Desert Pear martini- very good and gave me a nice little buzz*

*Their wall of wine- I kinda want to do this in my house*
And then we got to return home to a sleeping child and a clean house (aren't mothers wonderful) and hang out in the basement together watching a movie on t.v. while my mom hung out upstairs (very much like high school!).
Nights like these are great reminders of why we got married, because we truly enjoy each other's company and spending time together. And that we aren't just mommy and daddy we are husband and wife. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wedding Day Linkup

Today I'm linking up with Holly and Melanie for the Wedding Day Linkup.

Since this blog started out as a wedding planning blog all of this stuff can be found in my Archives but for anyone who is new or too lazy to go back through here's a quick rundown of my wedding.
Engagement- 2/14/09 after only 6 months of dating.
Yes we were nuts and NO I don't typically recommend an engagement that quickly. Fortunately it's worked out for us so far.
*How could you say no to this ring?*
When- May 22, 2010
Fun Fact- we picked this date because it was a combination of our birthdays (5/12) and (10/22).
Where- Hollin Hall in Alexandria VA
It's an event space, that is also used as a church on the weekends. It has some beautiful gardens where we had planned to get married but thanks to the rain we had to move the ceremony inside to the reception space at the last minute.
It actually turned out to be much prettier than I thought it would be so all that weather anxiety was kind of pointless.

Fortunately the rain stopped so we were still able to get photos outside afterwards.

Dress- I loved my dress. And still do. It was all lace just like I wanted and cost just under $900 (not including alterations). I kept losing weight due to stress and my poor alterations lady finally told me she could not make the dress any smaller. It was still a bit too loose (especially on top thanks to having no boobs) so I kept having to pull it up all night.

Wedding Party- Kristian had 2 co-bestmen (two friends from childhood) as well as two other friends. His nephew was a jr. groomsman
Three of my sorority sisters (one of whom is also a childhood friend) were my bridesmaids along with Kristian's older sister. Kristian's two nieces were jr. bridesmaids and my two nieces were flower girls. The youngest flower girl had an ear infection and was not happy that day so she ended up not walking down the aisle or posing for many photos.
Fun Fact- My MOH and another bridesmaid were both pregnant at the time, thank goodness we had empire waist dresses.
My older brother walked me down the aisle. And my other brother was an usher.
First Dance- "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz. This was the song that was playing when Kristian proposed.

Colors- Black, white, light pink and dark pink.
 Flowers- Roses, Peonies and Hydrangeas. My bouquet was all white and the bridesmaids were pink.
My mother-in-law and her sister did our reception flower centerpieces

Cake- We had three layers, all different flavors (white cake with raspberry, chocolate and the top layer was carrot which is Kristian's favorite).

We exited with sparklers.

We spent our wedding night at a hotel in Old Town Alexandria which was beautiful and had the most comfortable bed ever.
Two days later we left for our honeymoon in St. Lucia.
I really did enjoy our wedding day but I'm glad it's over and I never have to plan another one. As for what I would change? I probably would have planned an indoor wedding from the start to avoid all the weather stress. I would have stressed regardless but not quite as much.
Also, I didn't really like our DJ. He played the wrong version of our first dance song (I wanted an acoustic version) and I just thought he could have done more to get people dancing.
Finally, even though I loved our photographers and our pictures there were several posed family and group shots that we never got. In all the craziness they just got missed and I know my mom especially was disappointed.
I don't regret the money we spent because I had always dreamed of my wedding day and knew I would regret it if we didn't do as much as we could given our budget. And we were still able to buy a house less than a year later and afford to have a baby so if didn't prevent any of that stuff.
Two things I for sure wouldn't change would be my dress and the person I married.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Umm how is it only Wednesday? This week is dragging.
But in better news it's another round of So What Wednesday!
This week I'm saying SO What if:
-I hate the fact that I'm actually interested in what Kim K names her baby, only because I know it will be terrible and snark worthy. Personally I think they should just name it Kimye and be done with it.
-Even though I told myself I wouldn't splurge on Starbucks this week I have bought one everyday. Hunter has decided to start sleeping like a newborn again, up every few hours and up for good today at 5:15am. I'm a tad tired. Also, this is helping diminish my baby fever.
-I've started giving Hunter the iPad to play with when we want him to just sit still for more than 30 seconds. Sometimes mama just needs a break or to be able to actually do my makeup in the morning. At least he's playing with educational apps that are teaching him something.
-I'm getting my haircut this weekend for the first time since February even though my stylist told me I should really come back for a trim again in April. Ain't nobody got time for that!
-I'm refusing to use Bloglovin until Google Reader goes away on 7/1. I'm still in denial about it and hoping it will somehow stick around.
-I hate traveling. I should clarify, I always enjoy myself once I'm at my destination I just despise the process of getting to and from, especially if a plane is involved.
-I've already started working on my "While We're Gone" Hunter instructions for my mom to have during our trip in August. It's going to be several pages long. I'm just a little Type A when it comes to the care of my child.
-Instagram is usually the first thing I check in the morning and the last thing I check before bed. I probably need an intervention. On a related note you can follow me at sep0522.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Perfect Dad's Day Weekend

I think it's safe to say that Kristian enjoyed his Father's Day weekend. Despite the fact that we had to change our plans last minute when we weren't able to go to my in-laws beach house as planned we had a really wonderful weekend.

Friday night- After H was in bed, Kristian headed down to the water and had a campfire with some buddies while I stayed in and watched wedding shows. Basically a perfect night for both of us!

Saturday- Hunter woke up around 7am so I pulled him into bed to play with the iPad while we continued to doze. He is loving the iPad now that he knows how to work a couple of his apps. He will actually sit still for 20+ minutes.
After checking out some yard sales, which were a bust, we headed to the pool. Hunter is still not a fan and spent about 30 minutes crying/clinging to us before he passed out on my shoulder. So we put him in his stroller where he napped for an hour while we hung out with Kristian's buddy who was also there with his kid. 

Since Hunter doesn't seem to like the pool but LOVES the water table at daycare I decided to bite the bullet and buy him one for at home. He and I headed to Target while Kristian went fishing and for $35 I scored the last one they had. Hunter LOVES it! And I now understand why he comes home from daycare in different clothes everyday, the kid gets soaked!

*this saved us from having to give him a bath that night*
While Hunter played Kristian manned the grille and cooked some amazing ribs. He was in heaven with his beer, the grille and some Reggae music playing on the iPad. His buddy came over later with his kids for a feast of food. 

-Sunday- I let Kristian sleep in a bit for Father's Day so I got up with Hunter and once again let him entertain himself with the iPad for 30 minutes. Since these are educational apps I don't feel bad letting him play with it. Oh and he was rocking the bedhead look. 

On Saturday night I prepared a breakfast casserole that I threw in the refrigerator overnight, then just popped it in the oven Sunday morning and Voila, perfect Father's Day breakfast. 

I took Hunter on a long stroller walk so that Kristian could go fishing some more. Our cat Halpert, now tags along on our stroller walks. We put a leash on him that we tie to the stroller so he can't run off but he really doesn't try to, he just rides peacefully in the bottom part of the stroller and loves it. 

Hunter gave Kristian (and I) the best gift with a 3 hour nap -- I went to the pool alone while Kristian stayed home and watched Golf. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon playing together, watching golf, more iPading, and eating dinner. All in all it was a wonderful family weekend. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Happy Wednesday!
Linking up again for another So What Wednesday!
This week I'm saying So What if:
-I almost didn't do this post today. I haven't been feeling much blogging motivation lately.
-My kid eats healthier than I do. I freak out if he doesn't get enough fruits and veggies during the day but there are many days I don't eat either.
-I was so excited when I found out a good friend is having a little girl because now I have an excuse to buy girl clothes for someone.
-Also, because it means I have someone to get hand me downs from if I ever have a little girl.
-I get massive anxiety whenever I think about our trip to the Cayman Islands (which is less than 2 months away!) Between having to leave Hunter and flying (which I HATE) I want to have a panic attack thinking about it. However, I know once I'm there I will have the best time ever.
-Most of the time I don't blow dry my hair or put on makeup during the weekends unless we are going somewhere. It's seems that 90% of the time I'm around my husband I look like crap. He's such a lucky guy.
-I was pissed Monday night when ABC cut away from the Bachelorette during the girlfriend showdown for an update on the weather. They were already running updates at the bottom of the screen so why did I have to listen to the weatherman talk for 10 minutes repeating all the same things over and over? 

Friday, June 7, 2013

You call this Work?!

One of the nice things about my job is that we have numerous opportunities to do fun things outside of the office, either as a company or with our clients and vendors. Things like baseball games, sailboat trips on the Chesapeake or like next month, a day trip with our families to Kings Dominion Amusement Park.

Yesterday we took some clients for an outing at a local Go Kart track about 10 minutes from our office. We arrived at noon and had the entire place to ourselves. We ate lunch (with food we brought in from Costco), got a quick rundown of the rules and then spent about 1 1/2 hours racing.

There were 12 people total and everyone did 5 races each with 5 or 6 people taking part in each race. Each race consisted of a different grouping of people so everyone got to race each other at some point.

I was not very good. I kept slowing down too much going around the turns for fear of spinning out however, by my last two races I had improved and gotten a lot more comfortable going fast.  I was always 4th out of 5 or 6 people up until my last race where I came in 3rd. When all the times were added up I ended up being 9th out of 12. So like I said, I was not very good. However, I wasn't ever in last place either so I will take that.

We had a great time and it was definitely a nice way to kill about 4 hours during the work day. I even joked that I wanted to have my next birthday party there.

Part of the track.

Everyone had to wear these gorgeous race suits. Sexy huh?

Let's not forget the helmets. According to a couple people on Facebook and Instagram I look like Danica Patrick. I guess that's a compliment?

Three of my coworkers won the top three spots out of the group. Apparently I work with a bunch of speed demons.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Happy Wednesday! Only 3 more days to go til the weekend!
Linking up with for Shannon for So What Wednesday!
Today I'm saying So What if:
-Sometimes I enjoy sick days home with I don't enjoy him being sick...but I enjoy the extra time I get with him during the week. Yesterday he was home from daycare for a sick day and we actually had a really nice day together despite everything.
-I like to pick scabs. Yes I'm a picker (horrible habit) but what's grosser is that I also enjoy picking my husband's scabs. He had one for me last night and I was so excited about it. Yes I'm weird and disgusting.
-I'm jealous that my son seems to tan easier than I do. Even though we put baby sunscreen on him, after only two days at the pools he has a nice little tan on his arms. Guess he takes after his father in that department since it takes me all summer to get any color.
-I'm 33 years old and scared of cicadas. Seriously I hate them, they are gross. Hunter however, loves to pick them up and hold them. Such a boy!
-I want to buy a whole new vacation wardrobe for our Cayman Islands trip, not that I actually need anything new to wear.
-I wish I could have summer's off (like teachers do), all I want to do is take Hunter to the park and the pool and play outside on these nice days rather than sit in a freezing cold office.
-I would rather go home after work to see my family than go to Happy Hour with my coworkers who I've already spent all day with. I only get a precious few hours in the evenings with my kid and it takes a lot for me to give that up. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Water, Family and Fun

This weekend was HOT. I'm talking 90 degrees and steamy hot and after a very cool Memorial Day weekend I couldn't wait to finally have some good weather to take Hunter to the pool.
On Friday night, we thought about taking him to our local spray park (where the water shoots up from the ground for the kids to run through) but since neither Kristian nor myself wanted to get soaked we decided to let Hunter play outside with the neighbors, using the hose to fill up tupperware containers of water to play with.

On Saturday we took him to the pool. This was his first time going since last summer when he was around 6-8 months old. Obviously he doesn't remember that so this was basically a brand new experience for him. At first he was scared and kept crying and clinging to Kristian. We tried the baby pool first with no luck and then he took him into the big pool where Hunter held on for dear life. After a little while we took him back to the baby pool and gave him another childs discarded pool toy, once he started to play with that he became more brave and enjoyed himself much more. So the thing we learned is to bring some pool toys for him.

He took an almost 3 hour nap after the pool so I guess it wore him out!
While Kristian went out to pick up dinner Hunter and I decided to make a video to send the grandmas of him talking (wait until the end).
On Sunday we got up and Hunter and I went grocery shopping while Kristian went fishing. I love shopping with my little buddy. And yes he's still wearing his pajamas. Because isn't that the best way to shop on a Sunday morning?

Then while Hunter napped (and Kristian stayed home) I went to the pool ALONE to relax. It was glorious. I love taking Hunter and playing with him but it's also such a nice break to just get to lay out and relax a little bit on my own.

 Sunday after we headed over to my Sister-in-laws house to celebrate our nieces 17th birthday with a family cookout. Hunter had a great time running around his Aunt's house and chasing after one of the SEVEN dogs that were there (ours, my in-laws and my SIL's). We also let him play on their large trampoline in the backyard and he basically had the best time of his life ever. He also ate from the moment he arrived until we left and slept great last night.

Hunter and Grandma

Check out this video, does it get much cuter??

Hunter and Grandpa. Most people seem to think Hunter looks the most like him.
This weekend was full of just what I enjoy most in the summer- family, pool and fun time.