Thursday, July 16, 2009

I KNOW I can dance...but not like this

So You Think You Can Dance is probably my most favorite show to watch in the summer. I think this is due largely to the fact that I grew up dancing. From the age of 3 until high school I took ballet, tap and jazz dance classes and then I spent 4 years on my high school's dance team so I love all things dance. And the contestants on this show KNOW how to dance. What I love most is that you get to see so many different dance styles from hip hop to ballroom to bollywood. I must admit that everytime I see a routine with the girl wearing a beautiful flowy gown dancing a lovely waltz with a handsome man in a tux it makes me want to run out and sign Kristian and I up for dance classes.

Anyway I just wanted to share the video from my favorite routine from last night. Not only is the routine itself awesome but it's danced to a great Jason Mraz song. K and I are big fans of Jason Mraz. When we first started dating he burned me a copy of Jason's latest CD which he had just bought, for K's birthday I got us tickets to see Jason Mraz in concert and best of all when K proposed Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours" was playing in the background.

But back to the dancing...this routine is SICK! Enjoy!


RCaitlin said...

I can't see the video...but I'm like you I danced till the end of high school. Whenever I watch someone dancing I miss it so much!

Lacey Bean said...

We're walking down the aisle to I'm Yours!! I LOVE that song. And our friends are going to play it and sing it for us as we walk!

Necole said...

I can't see the video either:(

I'm sure it was "off the hook"!