Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bad Way to Start the Weekend

Unfortunately it appears that our long holiday weekend isn't getting off to the best start. Last night K woke up around 3am because he heard a noise outside, he then wakes me to tell me that either his car had been stolen or towed because it wasn't out there anymore! I figured it had been towed simply because of all the cars in the parking lot his wouldn't be the one that someone would probably go out of their way to steal. I told him there wasn't much we could do about it at 3am and we would figure it out in the morning.

Well he spent the rest of the night feeling miserable, apparently his body has been taken over by some nastiness that requires him to be close to the bathroom (sorry for the visual). We got up this morning and he still feels like death warmed over however the slightly good news is that his car was in fact towed and not stolen. So I drove him to pick it up and $120 later he has his car back and headed home to get back into bed.

I feel so bad because it's partly my fault he got towed. He owns his condo and he has a hangy tag for his car. He actually does have a reserved spot but never parks in it because it's further away than he would like so we both park right across from the condo in the unmarked spots that I assumed were for visitors. Apparently anyone that parks there needs a permit even in the unmarked spots. He finally mentioned this to me before we left for Jamaica because he was afraid that my car would get towed being left in the same spot for a whole week. I wasn't too worried b/c I had been parking there overnight regularly for months. So our brilliant plan was that he would put the real permit in my car and I would make a fake permit to put in his car. Now I'm no professional counter-fitter but I thought the fake one I made at work looked pretty least from a distance. And we haven't had any issues the last month and a half but our luck ran out last night. This comes only 3 months after my car got towed in front of my apartment complex (on the one rare night I actually stayed there) because I didn't get the memo about getting the updated permits.

Annnnyway, he called the HOA to request another hang tag (which we should have done sooner) and the lady in charge of that is apparently already on vacation until next week and for some ridiculous reason nobody else there can supply us with another tag until she gets back. So basically one of us will have to park in the complex across the street that does have visitor parking otherwise there's a good chance one of us will be towed again. I think the whole situation is completely ridiculous and I don't understand why his complex doesn't have ANY visitor parking available.

So between his car being towed, the current parking situation and him feeling like something crawled up in his stomach and died our weekend isn't looking too bright at the moment.


KLaw said...

Goo. You both need to start over again tomorrow morning.

RCaitlin said...

Aww I'm sorry. Look on the bright side it can really only get better!

Alicia said...

yikes!! i hope things get better! have an awesome 4th!