Tuesday, April 30, 2013

16 Months- 4/30/13

Weight/Length- Based on what you measured at your 15 months checkup a couple weeks ago I'm going to say you are probably around 28 pounds and just over 31 inches.

Eating- Still a good eater but not eating as much as in the past, which is part of why the weight gain has slowed down. Fruit is still your favorite and we have yet to find a fruit you won't eat. You also still like all meat and some fish though some days you don't seem as interested. Veggies are your least favorite but you seem to still like corn, peas, avocados and asparagus.

Sleep- This has been better this month, some nights you may still wake up briefly once but just need me to tuck you back in and you're fine, most nights you sleep without any wakeups. Bedtime is still around 7:45pm and you wake up most days between 6:30-7am. You've also started waking up happier...meaning not waking up crying but rather just babbling away in your crib for a few minutes. You only nap once a day for 1 1/2 hours at daycare and usually for 2-3 hours on the weekends at home.

Clothes- 18 months and 24 months. Shoe size is 5 in most shoes but you have one pair of size 6 that fit. 
Diapers- Size 4 daytime and Size 5 overnight but you've been leaking through those lately so I've been cutting back on how much milk you get before bed.

Appearance- Your hair is still light and getting thick again, the curls in the back are starting to come back now that your hair is longer. Eyes are greenish/blue. 

Personality- You are still a very active, rambunctious little boy that loves to be outside and play with sticks and trucks. You are starting to show your daredevil side and giving mommy mini-heart attacks. Despite this you are still incredibly sweet and loving. You love to give hugs and will almost always give me one on command, same goes for kisses. You love to snuggle with daddy and grandma when she comes to visit. You are a funny kid and now you will do things to try and make us laugh (and typically succeed). You are pretty well behaved and listen most of the time but of course you do have tantrums when you don't get your way. Typically I will just stand there and let you have your "fit" and after a few seconds you are done and back to your happy self.

-Playing outside with your buddy Zachary, specifically playing with his toys.
-The park and playing in the woods.
-Sitting in my lap while we read books or do flashcards or play with blocks.
-Playing out on the deck while daddy grilles.
- Drinking out of mommy's Gatorade bottle.
-Cut 4 more teeth for a total of 16!
-Officially moved to the toddler room at daycare and LOVE it!
-Totally weaned off of bottles, only use sippys or regular cups to drink.
-Figured out how to drink with a straw.
-Cut back on use of paci, limited to naps, bedtime and while out running errands. We've really cut down on using them during the day at home and not at all during daycare and you don't seem to mind much.
-Went to the "big kid" park.
-Will now walk (holding mommy's hand) out to the car and into daycare rather than be carried.
-Can identify most body features when asked including: ear (your favorite), hair (you will make the brushing motion), toes, belly button, nose and eyes.
-Can brush your own hair and mommy's hair.
-Will bring most items to me when asked and will also return the item to where you found it when asked.
-Can throw something away in the trashcan when asked.
-Will bring me your shoes and jacket if you want to go outside.
-Can help take your shirt and pants and socks off.
-You will now climb and sit in mommy and daddy's lap if we're on the floor.
-You can now climb on top of and stand up on the coffee table.
-You can now say - Mama, Dada, Uh-Oh (your favorite word), Ca-Ti (kitty), Doggie, Ear, Hi  

Good morning!

Ready for Summer!

Showing off his new trick of climbing on the coffee table.

Cool Dude.

Who has time to put on jammies when there are toys to play with?

Staring contest

Saturday morning scene.

Goof ball.

Still loves that little broom.

Future Frat Boy!!

He sat down when asked but wouldn't smile. Must pick your battles with toddlers.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Into the Woods

On Saturday the weather was pretty much perfect and since my son adores the outdoors we decided to spend as much time outside as possible. One of the benefits of having a toddler that loves the outdoors is that it forces me to get outside as well. A little Vitamin D is never a bad thing.

In the morning I took him for a long stroller walk and stopped at the nearby park on the way back. Kristian rode his bike up and met us there. Hunter decided he had had enough of the park and wanted to go explore the nearby woods (he's so much like his daddy). So he and Kristian took a little stroll to check things out.
When we got back he played outside with our neighbors son (they are quickly becoming BFF's)  before taking an almost 3 hour nap. Playing outside really wears him out! After his nap and lunchtime we decided to take him on a walk down to the water to watch the crew meet that was going on on the river.
Hunter loves walking down the path. He has to pick up every stick he sees and throw rocks and inspect everything. Again, just like his daddy.

He really has no idea how lucky he is to have THIS as his backyard.

When we got down to the water we watched all the crew teams go back and forth. This is pretty much a standard Saturday event now that it's warm. Some of the teams were right up close to the where we were watching, so close we could talk to them as they went by.

Kristian and some of our neighbor friends helped make a little make-shift fire pit down by the water and they will go down in the evenings and roast marshmallows and hang out (and drink beer). So there are a bunch of logs on the ground to use for seats. Hunter and I sat for a long time on the log just watching the water, while he held onto his stick of course.
I foresee many riverside chats in our future.

After we put Hunter to bed, Kristian and I lit a candle and grabbed some wine (me) and beer (him) and just sat out on our deck and relaxed. It was the perfect way to end the evening.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Big Kid Park

We have several "tot lots" in our neighborhood, one of them is a short walk from our house and it's the one we typically go to. There are a few swings and little wood structure that you can climb on and that has a slide. Hunter loves it. I love it because it's usually empty or not very crowded when we go.

There is however, another larger park about 2 miles away, right next to our pool. It has lots of swings, a sandbox, a couple slides and many wooden "forts" to climb in.

I took Hunter there once last fall before he could walk so we mainly just did the swings but I had been wanting to take him back now that he can walk and the weather is nice. So we went last Saturday which was a beautiful, warm, sunny day.
I was nervous at first because I knew it would be crowded with "big kids" and I worried about Hunter getting knocked down or hurt somehow. We did the swings first and Hunter was in heaven watching all the "big kids" run around. Finally he wanted down. At first he was hesitant to go anywhere, due in part to being overwhelmed and having the ground covered in small rocks and pebbles which made it tricky to walk.
I took his hand and led him over to the wood walkway which was easier for him and after a few minutes he was off and ready to explore. I played the roll of helicopter mom and was always right by his side, shielding him from the big kids who were running around like maniacs. 

Staring in awe at all the kids and all the stuff to climb.

Nervously peeking around the corner.

Finally brave enough to climb up one of the forts.

Looks like baby jail.

"This is awesome mom!"
We only stayed about 30 minutes and I think next time I will try to take him early in the day before it gets too crowded so it's not so overwhelming and scary (for me, not him). But he had a great time and as he gets older I know he will love going here.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Linking up again this week with Shannon for another So What Wednesday!
This week I'm saying So What if:
-I feel naked when I'm not wearing my engagement ring. One of the small stones on the side fell out and it's at the jewelers being replaced but I won't have it back for a week. I never take off my rings (unless I'm doing something where they could be damaged) so it feels weird not having it on my finger.
-Hunters transition to the toddler room this week has made me both proud and incredibly sad. Proud that he's adjusting so well and loving it and sad that it's just more proof he's no longer a baby.
-I'm not as excited as I should be about a trip to the Cayman Islands this summer (a post on that to come) because it means I will be away from Hunter for 5 days! I miss him during the 8 hours I'm at work, how the hell will I survive 5 whole days?!
-My coworkers and I took an extra long lunch on Friday so that we could stay in the conference room and watch all the coverage on the manhunt for the Boston bomber.
-I forwarded an email to my boss that I received saying how much a vendor and a client enjoyed working with me and what a great job they thought I had done. Just a friendly reminder to him that I kick ass...you know in case he wants to give me a raise or something ;-)
-I have no idea what to get my mother and mother-in-law for Mother's Day. Since my birthday actually falls on Mother's Day this year I think I should be exempt from gift giving.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Next time

I don't think it's a secret that I would like to have another child. One day. Not anytime soon but One Day. Being a first time mom I really had no clue what I was doing. Yes I read pregnancy and baby books and stalked babycenter and mommy blogs and those things were all helpful but until you have that little bundle in your arms you really have no idea what to expect.

I think in the 15 1/2 months that we've been raising Hunter we've done pretty well at keeping him happy and healthy and not completely losing our minds in the process. It helps that, for the most part, he's been a fairly easy baby/toddler. We never had to deal with colic or reflux or food allergies or any other number of issues that parents encounter and I can only hope and pray that if we're blessed with another child in the future he or she will be just as easy-going if not moreso.

With all that said, knowing what I know now there are a few things I would like to use or do differently next go round.

1. My birth plan will include two items- deliver a healthy baby and make sure I'm conscious when the baby is born. Whether I end up with a VBAC or scheduled repeat c-section I just want to be awake when the next child is born. I don't think I would handle it very well if I'm knocked during the birth of another child.

2. Should I have another c-section, we will send the baby to the nursery overnight for at least a few hours (but have it brought back for nursing). We kept Hunter in our room that first night (before he went to the NICU) and I was so sick and in so much pain after the c-section it was impossible to take care of him and poor Kristian really had no idea what he was doing so it was hard.

3. Don't immediately start supplementing with formula unless absolutely necessary. With Hunter I breastfed and that's what he primairly got but from day 1 (because he was in the NICU) we supplemented with formula and I didn't put up a fight because I just wanted him healthy. I'm not opposed to using formula again but I would like to try to keep from using it as long as possible. Not because I think it's bad but because it's expensive.

4. In the early days/weeks only use sleepers that zip or the gowns. I learned quite fast that sleepers with a million snaps are a HUGE pain in the ass for all those middle of the night diaper changes when you're half asleep.

5. Skip the swaddle blankets and go straight for the HALO sleep sacks with the velco swaddles. I could never get the blankets tight enough and Hunter was always breaking free of them and then waking up, once we started using the sleep sacks he couldn't get out of them until he was around 5 months old.

6. Get a SWING! I don't know why we didn't get a swing early on with Hunter, when we finally did after a couple months he loved it and would nap in it so well. Next time I will probably forgo the bassinet (which Hunter hated) and let the baby sleep in a swing or the infant cradle part of the pak n play (which Hunter also liked). I don't know why but I felt like he NEEDED to sleep in the bassinet and really there are so many other options, the main goal is just to get them to sleep.

7. Baby-wear more. This was hard to do with Hunter for the first few weeks because he was always hooked up to his monitor that checked his breathing and it was too hard to put him in a wrap or carrier without disturbing his leeds. By the time he was off the monitor I was just used to carrying him around and the few times I tried to use the Moby or Baby Bjorn it just wasn't comfortable for me. I think next time I will splurge for an Ergo which I've heard good things about. Plus I will be chasing a toddler so I think baby wearing will be imperative.

8. On a similar note, I will try to really sit and just enjoy cuddling and holding the baby. I now know how quickly it really does fly by and how fast they grow and since the next one will probably be our last one I want to savor every last minute.

9. Take more than 6 weeks off for maternity leave. Now so much of this will depend on where I'm working and our financial situation but I really want to try to take 8-12 weeks off. Six weeks just goes by too fast and they are still just so small, I hated taking Hunter to daycare when he was so young.

10. Not be so afraid to take a newborn places. I was terrified of leaving the house with Hunter in the beginning and really when they are newborns and spend most of the day sleeping, that's the easiest time to actually take them places. Granted next time I will also have a toddler to deal with which will be the real challenge.

For those of you that plan to have more children what do you want to do different next time?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Linking up again this week with Shannon for another So What Wednesday!
This week I'm saying So What if:
-As much as I love Old Navy I'm very disappointed that two pairs of shoes I bought for Hunter were basically ruined after 1-3 times of being worn. He came home yesterday and literally had a hole in the bottom of a pair of shoes he's only wore a couple times. Guess I need to splurge for sturdier shoes for him.
-The nice weather is making it hard to focus at work, I just want to get home and play outside with my son, not be stuck inside all day long.
-On that same note, I've been wishing lately that I could be a stay at home mom. I've always missed Hunter during the day but now he's at a really fun age and learning so much that it's harder and harder to miss all that he's doing during the day.
-I really did almost cry on Monday when I got the form saying they were going to transition Hunter from the older infants room to the toddler room next week (he has to be 16 months for the toddler room). How is he old enough for that already??
-I'm a bit OCD about having things done at a certain time everyday and when I get thrown off schedule I get annoyed.
-Every year I buy that damn Jergens Daily Tanning lotion in the hopes of getting some color for spring and every year I stop using it after a few days because I can't stand the smell. Even the newer version still stinks to me.
-I've been having baby fever lately. Probably because two years ago this week I found out I was pregnant so I'm feeling sentimental. Not sentimental enough to actually have another one right now though.
-Last night I let my kid play with daddy's old beer bong for a good 10 minutes (while taking pictures of course). It kept him entertained. Mother of the year award right here!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Weekend- Paying Repsect and Family Time

This past weekend was a mixed bag of emotions. As I mentioned last week, I had to drive about 3 1/2 hours up to PA and back on Saturday for my best friends mom's memorial service. I was on the road by 7am and didn't get back until 6:30pm. It was a long and emotional day but I'm very glad I went and could support my friend who is having a tough time now that she's lost her best friend. Her parents were married for 42 years and hearing about their love during the service was really inspiring. I can only hope and pray that my marriage can stand the test of time in the same way.

Because I was going to be gone all day and because Kristian isn't used to having to watch Hunter for 12 hours by himself my mom offered to come down and help out. She came down Friday night and left after I got home Saturday night. Hunter really loves spending time with his grandma and showing her his new tricks. Watching them together is one of my favorite things.

Since I only got to spend about an hour with Hunter on Saturday before he went to bed I really wanted to make Sunday a family day. We got up and the three of us headed to Panera for breakfast. Hunter was very well behaved and quite enjoyed his quiche.
After breakfast we did a little grocery shopping. Am I the only one who ends up spending way more when I take my husband shopping with me? Never fails.
Hunter decided that he was going to start climbing all the living room furniture this weekend, including the coffee table which he would climb on top of and then crawl around on. Because that's you know, safe.

He also started climbing up and over the side of the massage chair but I didn't get any photos of that. My little monkey boy.
Since the weather was pretty perfect I took him on a long walk and then for some playtime at the park. He got to test out the new sunglasses we bought him at the grocery store (one of the MANY impulse buys I credit my husband with). He surprisingly didn't seemed bothered by them.

When we got back we had some more playtime. Whenever I'm sitting on the floor nowadays Hunter likes to come over and plop in my lap with a book or toy and just sit there. I basically love it.

Our good friend Bryan came over with his two kids to grille out for dinner. Even though his kids are 9 and 7 they love to play with Hunters toys. It's good to know that these toys will still be entertaining even when he's older. This is what my living room looked like (and it wasn't all because of Hunter). But it was fun having them over and Hunter just loves playing with "big kids".

After a fairly emotional Saturday and having to go to a memorial service hearing the news yesterday on the attack on Boston brought on a lot of emotion. I hate that my son is having to grow up in a world where we now fear simple things like going to a movie theater or going to school or even running a marathon. I just want to lock him up and never let him out of my sight. It's not fair and my heart hurts for all those affected.

Friday, April 12, 2013

15 Month Stats (two weeks late)

I was late making Hunter's 15 month well check appointment so we weren't able to get in until yesterday (he's almost 15 1/2 months old now). He did fine in the waiting room but once we were back in the room with the nurse he basically freaked out. I had to hold him for most of the exam by both the nurse and the doctor. I'm not sure if it was just "stranger danger" or he is now starting to remember being there and having shots. Despite the crying the doctor said he seems to be perfectly healthy and developing right on track which is great news. He had to get three shots (poor baby) but as soon as it was over I picked him up and gave him an animal cracker and all was right in the world again.

Someone does NOT enjoy the doctors office.
Official 15 months stats:
Weight- 27.75lbs (88th percentile)
He's gained just over a pound since his 12 month visit. I actually thought he weighed more. Now that he's so active he's not gaining weight as quickly.
Height- 31 inches (54th percentile)
He's grown 3/4" since his 12 month visit. He's seems to be taking after mama in the height department, hopefully that will change as he gets older.
Head Circumference- 51cms (97th percentile)
Still a big head but it hasn't gotten bigger and he's finally growing into it.
He also has two new words for a total of 5 - mama, dada, uh-oh, cat-ty(kitty), doggie, ear
When we got home I let him run around outside for a bit and he was back to his old happy self.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

How much is Too Much?

Something I've been wrestling with lately, and part of why I haven't been posting as much, is because I've been thinking more and more about how much information is appropriate to put on this little ol' blog of mine. I realize that I'm not a "big" blogger with thousands of people reading each day. And thank GOD for that, too be honest it would creep me out. But the fact is anyone can stumble upon this little space of mine and read about my life. I try to keep a certain level of privacy, I don't advertise our last name (though it has appeared a few times), or our address, or my social security number etc. My goal is to keep as little about myself and especially my son off of potential google searches.

My husband knows about this blog, however he doesn't read it (so he claims) and very rarely will he specifically tell me not to blog about something (typically something embarrassing that he's done) but I always try to think to myself "would it bother me if he wrote that about me on the Internet?" before I post anything about him. The same goes for my son. I would never want him (or his friends or future wife) to read this blog when he's older and be embarrassed or upset about what I put out there for the world to read or see. At the same time I do view this blog as a diary of sorts. As a memory keeper since I am horrible about writing things down and my memory is shit. I also don't ever want to sugar coat things or put on an appearance of having some picture perfect life by only posting the good stuff, because I don't, and because I think it's important to also remember the bad times, the hard times. It's how you grow and how you learn.

I read a lot of blogs and there are many (that shall remain nameless) where I just shake my head at the stuff they put out there for everyone, including their children when they are older, to read.  Yes you can delete posts but nothing is ever really gone from the Internet and considering how much more advanced our children are with technology nowadays I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find these things.

So basically I've been wrestling with how much I really want to put on here in regards to my relationship with my husband and my child and his development. Yes these are my stories to tell but they are their stories as well.

Where do you draw the line with what you post?  

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Happy Wednesday!
Another Wednesday = another round of So What Wednesday with Shannon.
This week I'm saying So What if:
-I'm incredibly annoyed that my 4 month old laptop is not working, as in it won't even turn on! It's under warranty so I'm sending it back to hopefully be repaired or replaced. I'm just hoping my brother can get all my photos off of the hard drive first.
-I hate sitting inside all day at work when it's (finally) beautiful outside. I just want to go play at the park with my son. But at least I have my own windows so that's a plus right?
-Everynight I say I'm going to wake up early to work out and every morning I decide my bed is much too comfy for doing crazy things like working out early.
-I finally broke down and got an Old Navy credit card, despite always refusing to have store cards (too tempting). But considering that almost all of mine and Hunters clothes come from there it makes sense to get the extra savings and rewards from the card.
-I FINALLY got Hunters first year photobook yesterday and I'm obsessed with it. It turned out so well *pats myself on the back*.
-I was seriously upset last week when I saw that there wouldn't be a new episode of Scandal for three weeks! I LOVE that show and I hate having to wait so long between episodes.
-I'm actually dreading this weekend. On Saturday I have to drive up to PA for my best friends mother's funeral. She passed away last week after a tough battle with ALS and it's just so sad and unfair. I hate funerals but it's important that I'm there for my friend and to pay my respects in person.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Weekend Update- Including Catfish and NOT the Internet kind

On Saturday morning, Kristian woke up at the crack of down to go fishing with some guys on his buddy's new boat down on the Potomac in D.C. Thankfully Hunter did me a favor and slept until 7:30am which is always a treat on the weekends. When he woke up I pulled him and Moxie into bed for some morning snuggles.
After breakfast we had a small coloring session. Hunter still tries to eat the crayons but he's slowing getting better at coloring. I've also noticed he tends to use his left hand for both this and when using utensils. This makes his left-handed father very excited.

Kristian's fishing trip was a success and he caught a 50lb catfish!!! This thing is a monster. He threw it back, after taking numerous photos.

Meanwhile Hunter was at home taking a 2 1/2 hour nap. He was resting up for grandmas visit.

When Hunter woke up from his nap my mom, brother and brother's girlfriend arrived. My brother was taking his girlfriend to look at engagement rings (!) and then Kristian and I went out to dinner with them while my mom watched Hunter. Apparently my mom wore him out because he slept great Saturday night as well.
Sunday was filled with a long trip to the park and walk on a new trail we found, followed by my inlaws coming over to our house for dinner. Hunter got to see both grandmas this weekend was loving every minute of it.
Now that spring is FINALLY here and the weather is beautiful this week we decided to take advantage of it by going out to dinner last night at our favorite Mexican restaurant and eating outside.
Once again Hunter was coloring with his left hand.

Eating and being outside are his two favorite things so combining them made him super excited. He loved watching the cars go by and all the people on the sidewalk. Much better than just staring at mommy and daddy during dinner.

After dinner we walked to get some frozen custard which we brought home and ate outside while Hunter played with our neighbors little boy.
It was a good couple days.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Just as it should be

When I found out I was pregnant I immediately began to wonder if this little person inside of me was a little boy or a little girl. Even though I told people I didn't care if it was a boy or a girl I not so secretly was hoping for a house full of pink in my future. It wasn't that I didn't want a son it's just that I was scared of having a son. Much like my husband is scared of having a daughter one day (I think his gun collection will grow exponentially if we ever do).

Despite having two older brothers, I didn't know much about life with a little boy. I didn't know how I was going to play with him. How we were going to bond.  I'm a girly girl through and through. Tea parties? Check! Dress up? Check! Doll babies? You got it! But a little boy?

Once we found out we were having a son visions of sticks and dirt and trains and legos replaced the tea parties and barbie dolls (and yes I realize these are complete generalizations and gender stereotypes, it is what it is). I wouldn't say I was disappointed when I found out we were having a boy, after all I did (and still do) ideally want one of each, I was just nervous about how we would bond.

Growing up I was a mama's girl. I was my mom's little shadow, always wanting to be with her, dressing up in her clothes and playing in her makeup. That's what I knew and I had always envisioned a similar relationship one day with my daughter. Having a son, I knew Kristian would have no trouble bonding; they would go camping, fishing, play with trucks ect. But what about me? I have no interest in camping, fishing bores me and I don't know how to "play" trucks. Yes I realize this all sounds ridiculous but these were my thoughts and fears.

But here I am 15 months later and I can say with 110% certainty that I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a boy mom. I can't imagine not having this little man in my life. Yes he is very much a "typical" boy. He loves to crash his firetruck into the wall, he loves to run around in the woods out back and pick up sticks, he is already rough and tumble and exactly as I picture his daddy to be as a toddler. But he is also incredibly sweet and loving and extremely funny. He will randomly stop what he's doing to come give me a hug. He will hold onto my legs in the morning while I put on makeup and rest his head on my shoulder as I carry him to bed. And when he blows me a kiss as I leave him at daycare? Basically I melt into a puddle of mommy love. He's my little buddy, my lovebug, my most favoritest little boy in the whole wide world.

And as for those fears of "how will I play with him?" well turns out that I'm a natural boy mom. I quite enjoy playing with the building blocks and racing cars with him on the coffee table. I love playing outside with him and watch him run around the playground, always wanting to climb on things. I'm excited to watch him catch his first fish and play in his first soccer game. I love knowing that I am the first woman that he will ever love and I get weepy picturing us dancing together at his wedding.

As I was sitting on the living room floor the other day helping him put together his lego blocks I couldn't help but smile knowing without a shred of doubt that having this little boy in my life, having a son, was just as it should be.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Happy Wednesday!
Linking up with Shannon another round of So What Wednesday.
This week I'm saying So What if:
-Last night when I got home from work I saw that Kristian had bought me flowers and a card and the first thing I said (after Thank You, course) was "What did you do?" I was only kidding...sorta. Apparently he just really likes me.
-This morning I washed my hair twice because I literally couldn't remember if I had washed my hair 2 minutes after I had finished. Needless to say I wasn't fully awake yet and my short term memory is shit.
-I'm really excited that my brother is taking his girlfriend ring shopping this weekend. I would love to have her as a sister-in-law and at the age of 40 it's about time my brother settles down.
-I think the fact that Hunter will now blow kisses on command is probably the cutest thing ever.
-I'm having a hard time figuring out when the hell to workout (which I actually want to do), it's either at 5am before Hunter wakes up or 8pm after he goes to bed. Neither sound appealing. When do full time working moms find the time to workout??
-The fact that I'm still having to wear a winter coat and gloves in APRIL is pissing me off.
-I hate the fact that it's so freaking expensive to eat healthy. I've been trying to buy more fresh fruits and veggies and lean meats and our grocery bill is out of control. No wonder so many Americans are fat when it's much cheaper to eat shitty food. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a very low key Easter this year.
We painted some eggs on Saturday but Hunter wasn't very interested. I'm hoping next year he'll be able to participate in some egg dyeing a little more.  
After I put him to bed on Saturday I the Easter Bunny put together his Easter basket.
Iced animal crackers, cinnamon animal crackers, a chocolate bunny (which Kristian will probably eat), some smoothie pouches, a new book, some flashcards and a little soccer ball (which Moxie has already destroyed. Sigh.)

Sunday morning I let him dig into his basket and it was a big hit. I had to let him dig into the animal crackers immediately.

We then got dressed to meet my mom for brunch. Hunter got to wear his first tie (which velcroed in the back) and looked like such a little man.

He basically freaked out when I took the paci out of his mouth for a couple of pictures with his bunny ears on. Is it wrong that these photos make me laugh? Poor guy. 

We got to the restaurant a bit early so we took a few pictures next door by a cute little gazebo. It was good thing we took some photos before brunch because he had food ALL over himself and his clothes afterwards (as I suspected would happen).

We had a very nice meal. All the waitresses commented on how cute Hunter looked with his tie on. After we got home he proceeded to take an almost 3 hour nap! I guess all the food along with seeing grandma really wore him out!. The rest of the day was spent playing and watching basketball with daddy. I'm hoping next year Hunter will be able to participate in an Easter egg hunt. We felt that he was still a bit too little this year and wouldn't really 'get it'.
I hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter.