Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

I'll make this quick because after a long weekend my brain still isn't fully awake. Here's breakdown of how we spent our long holiday weekend:

-Saturday morning got up early and made the drive down to my in-laws beach house. Spent our time, hanging out on the deck, watching K and his dad fish, eating crabs, talking about the baby, arguing over the baby name (the naming process is NOT going to be fun), watched the movie Life As We Know It.

My mother-in-law always tries to get us to wear hats to keep the sun off our faces. Not my best look but I wanted to make her happy.

Discovered a new setting on my camera called Film Grain. Fun.

-Sunday- Woke up, ate pancakes and then drove home. Went out to dinner that night with two of our friends. Oh and Kristian got ANOTHER fish hook caught in his finger. Funny thing is he wasn't even fishing at the time. Sigh. He had to once again push the hook through and cut the end of it off in order to pull it out. And this is one of the reasons I pray we have a daughter, I don't know if I can handle a little boy that hurts himself as much as his father does.

-Monday- I went to the neighborhood pool while Kristian nursed his hangover. It's so nice to have a pool to go to again though apparently everyone else had the same idea and I got seriously the last chair available. Lesson learned, get there early! Spent the afternoon on the couch watching my DVR'd shows.

It was a wonderful long weekend that went by FAR too quickly. Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The post on finding out and telling Kristian he's going to be a dad

I wrote this post on Thursday April 21st, one day after finding out I was pregnant (and actually believing it) and telling Kristian.

I'm still in shock and disbelief but after four yes FOUR positive tests I guess I should start to believe it. I'm PREGNANT!!!!! I never thought I would get to say/type those words but there they are and I couldn't be more thrilled/scared/happy/shocked. I never thought it would happen this quickly though when you factor in my wonky and extremely long cycle I guess it wasn't really that quick, we just got the timing right when it counted.

I took my first test, which was a cheapy one that came with my pack of OPK's this past Monday at 10DPO, not expecting anything, but much to my surprise there was a faint but noticeable second line. I didn't truly believe it so on Tuesday morning I tested again with another cheapy test and once again there was a faint second line. Now I was starting to believe maybe this was something serious, so at lunch on Tuesday I went to CVS and splurged on a Clear Blue digital test, one that says Pregnant or Not Pregnant. None of this two line bullshit. I needed a solid answer and Wednesday morning April 20th I got a Pregnant on my test!!!

My reaction was similar to when my husband proposed which was to say "Oh My God, Shut up!" 5 or 6 times. I then cried (happy tears of course). I debated waiting to tell Kristian until Friday (two days later) which is our 11 month wedding anniversary but after about an hour I realized I didn't have that kind of willpower. Even if it was a fluke he needed to know about it.

So at lunch I went to Target to get him some goodies. I bought a frame that said "Babies" along with some text about how wonderful babies are and then inside the frame put a piece of paper that said "Picture to deliver in 9 months". I also bought him a onesie that says "I Love My Daddy".

Wednesday night when he got home I told him I found him something when shopping at Target and handed him the frame. He looked at it for what seemed like forever and finally said "I don't get it". Then a few seconds later he looked at me and goes "Are you pregnant?". I told him that according to the pregnancy tests I've taken I am. He was shocked and I don't think he believed me right away. Once he realized I wasn't messing with him he got tears in his eyes and he couldn't stop hugging me. I showed him the test and gave him the onesie. Cue more hugging and happy tears. We spent the rest of the night laughing and smiling and saying that we couldn't believe it.

I took another cheapy test this morning (Thursday) and once again got two lines. I'm now addicted to peeing on things and continuing to get more confirmation that it's real. I'm hoping to see the doctor next week to confirm 100%. It really is amazing and I'm just trying to stay positive about the whole thing. I'm going to be a mommy!!

Picture of Kristian with the frame I gave him. We can't wait to put a picture in it this December!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Baby info

First off thank you everyone for the sweet comments and congratulations! It's been so hard not to write about this sooner.

Some background info:

-I found out I was pregnant a little over a month ago.

-No this wasn't an accident but it was a surprise. After we moved Kristian said he would be okay with us having a kid so we decided to not really try but also not try to prevent it and just see what happens at first. I was convinced it would take a long time to get pregnant but surprisingly and very thankfully it happened pretty quick. I know there are so many couples out there that try for years so I realize how lucky we are and I'm truly grateful for that.

-I'm right at 9 weeks with a due date of Dec. 26th, this was pushed up from the initial due date of  Dec. 30th.

-I had my first ultrasound at 5 1/2 weeks to make sure there was a baby actually in there and we were able to see the first flickers of a heartbeat. I had my second ultrasound yesterday and it was amazing to see how much bigger the baby had gotten in just a couple weeks, it actually looks a bit like a baby now. The heartbeat was strong and the doctor said all my tests results were great. Even though I'm still in the scary first trimester he said my odds of miscarrying after two very good ultrasounds are right around 1% so he gave me the all clear to make it public. I'm still nervous and anxious to get past the first trimester but I definitely feel much better after yesterday's appointment and his words of encouragement.

-Yes we will find out the gender.

-No we won't be announcing the name prior to the birth for several reasons which I'm sure I'll talk about later.

Here are pics of the little one. Yeah it's a little weird to put pictures of my insides on the Internet. Oh well.

For those that aren't experts at looking at ultrasounds I labeled each end of the baby to help. Personally I think the kid is freaking adorable.

Here is another angle of the baby with the baby more vertical and the head at the top. Our kid has a huge head just like it's father ;)

I was going to include the post I had written a month ago about finding out but this post is already really long so I'll save that one for tomorrow. Yes the next several posts will be very baby centric.  Please bare with me and I'll try not to bore you too much ;-)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes....

...a baby in a baby carriage.

Yep, that's right.


*Picture of my actual test*

Estimated due date is Dec. 26th. Looks like we're having a Christmas baby!!

I'll have more details later including some posts I've been writing and saving.

Anniversary Trip

*Picture heavy post*

Our Anniversary trip was wonderful. It was relaxing and perfect and I enjoyed every minute with my husband of one year! I'll go ahead and let the pictures do most of the talking.

Our hotel room was basically a two bedroom condo. It was awesome. If we were to go back to condo living this is the type of place I would want to live in.

The kitchen...obviously.

The dining room and to the left is the guest room which had two double beds. At first Kristian thought this was the only bedroom and was a bit disappointed thinking we didn't have a king bed to share. Poor guy.

The living room that lead out to the balcony.

Our Master bedroom. I love hotels mainly for the chance to sleep in a king size bed. Oh how I wish we could have afforded a king size bed when buying new furniture.

The Tub O Love. In my opinion the best part of the suite.

This was our view from the balcony when you looked to the left. When looking forward you could see the Washington Monument in the distance but for some reason that picture wouldn't upload.

Our first stop after checking in was going to Cake Love for some goodies.


There is also a whole store dedicated to Peeps.

There are a lot of little stores and restaurants down by the water and because of the great weather a ton of people out on the pier and playing on the man made beach area.

Saturday night after we walked around we came back and got ready for dinner at McCormick's and Schmicks. We decided to do a little photo shoot on the balcony but I'll spare you the 10 pictures we took of each other.

He's a stud.

This was taken right outside the restaurant. We also saw a lot of prom groups which was fun. We always like the play the game of "who do you think is losing their virginity tonight" when we see prom groups. Wrong? Oh well.

This was a neat chair outside of one of the art galleries. Kristian insists he could make one. Uh huh.

The sunset over the Potomac and I-95

Sunday morning (our anniversary) we headed out to brunch at Ketchup

This is only one half of Kristian's monstorous sandwich.

They offer 5 different kinds of ketchup including ranch ketchup and bacon ketchup. We prefer Heinz 57.

After brunch we got some ice cream and walked back out onto the pier to people watch. There is some great people watching at the National Harbor.

Here is a picture of the sculpture they have on the beach of what looks like a man coming out of the sea. We debated taking some inappropriate pictures with it but decided to keep things classy.

We also saw another May 22nd bride. She ended up getting married outside on the pier which was kind of neat. Glad she had better weather than I did last year.

That night instead of going out for another expensive dinner and because Kristian's allergies were acting up we decided to stay in, eat some food and enjoy our two person bath. It was heaven and the perfect way to end the weekend.

Our trip was exactly what we both needed to relax and recharge our batteries.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

One Year Ago Today...

One Year Ago today I woke up as a single woman for the very last time.

One Year Ago today I put on the beautiful white dress I had waited 30 years to wear.

One Year Ago today I arrived at the place where I would say "I Do"

One Year Ago today I nervously touched up my makeup and fixed my hair.

One Year Ago today I had some of my favorite ladies surrounding me.
One Year Ago today I anxiously awaited the arrival of my groom.

One Year Ago today I took a very important walk.
One Year Ago today I saw my future standing before me.

One Year Ago today I vowed to love til death do us part.

One Year Ago today I sealed those vows with a kiss.

One Year Ago today I took my first steps as a wife.

One Year Ago today I kissed in the rain.

One Year Ago today I danced with my new husband.

One Year Ago today we ate cake.
One Year Ago today we partied with our friends.
One Year Ago today we laughed.

One Year Ago today we began our Happily Ever After.

Happy One Year Anniversary Kristian! I love you even more than I did One Year Ago today.