Monday, July 6, 2009

Still mentally on vacation

Despite getting off to a rough start last Thursday we ended up having a very nice long holiday weekend. We started off by taking it easy on Thursday night since K still wasn't feeling great so we just hung out and watched Gran Torino which is a GREAT movie. Then K proceeded to do Clint Eastwood impersonations all weekend.

Friday we woke up and my fabulous fiance made me breakfast in bed :) We ran a few errands and went shopping and I found some super cute potential dresses to wear for engagement pictures at Ann Taylor Loft and then found some super cute potential bridesmaid dresses at White House/Black Market. After we finished window shopping we stopped by Burke Lake so he could fish for a little while. Later that night we went out for some apps/desserts and drinks which is my favorite combination. Typically I could do without the main entree, my favorite parts of eating out are the appetizers and desserts and since I was CRAVING chocolate cake it worked out perfectly.

Saturday we got up early and headed down to his parents beach house in the Northern Neck of VA. The weather was fantastic, not a cloud in the sky and not unbearably hot like in years past. So while Kristian and his dad spent the day at the end of the pier fishing I hung out with his mom and aunt drinking on the deck. We tried out Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka and mixed it with Lemonade and between us three girls finished the bottle so needless to say I was more than a bit tipsy and ended up telling my future mother in law my entire life story as well as all the cute little embarrassing stories about when K and I first started dating which I know he loved.

His parents made a great rib dinner that we ate on the deck and by that point I was starting to sober up. We then sat on the pier and watched as all of the other houses around us and across the water set off fireworks. It was a great evening and I promptly went to bed as soon as the fireworks started to die down.

We left pretty early yesterday and fortunately didn't hit too much traffic and then spent the rest of the day rotating between laying on the couch and laying in bed watching tv. I did motivate enough to go to the store to buy the ingredients to make homemade vegetable soup last night. Overall it was a great weekend holiday weekend and I can't wait to spend 4th of July down there in the years to come.


RCaitlin said...

Appetizers are ALWAYS the best :).

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your engagement! I find the wedding countdown clock so cute! I think I'm gonna follow your blog to be updated..^^