Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Making my mouth water

First up an update from yesterday's post...I got my shoes today! Thank you UPS man! I pulled them out of the box and they were just as cute in person as in the picture. I lurved them immediately. I tried them on and they were a wee bit tight and by wee bit I mean VERY tight. Can feet retain water?? I think they'll be fine after they've been broken in and fortunately I have plenty of time to do that. I spent a few hours rocking out in my 4 1/4" heels at work. My coworkers thought they were adorable and my boss doesn't know how I'm able to walk in them. Umm about 25 years of practice that's how. Anyway I'm very excited about my new wedding purchase.

Now on to my yummier update. Last night Kristian and I had our first meeting with a potential caterer. We met with Dianna from R&R Catering and we immediately liked her. We walked into the meeting room and she had gone ahead and set up a potential table setting using the wedding colors I had given her. She walked us through the proposal and explained everything to us in great detail. It's obvious that she's very knowledgable and has years of experience. She's also very familiar with our venue which is nice.

After we left we both decided right away that we wanted to hire them. We've heard great things about them including from the photographers we met with a few weeks ago, they have a great rating on Wedding Wire, their pricing is very reasonable, they seem to be very flexible and allow us to change the entire proposal if we want up to a month before the wedding, oh and their menu options look AMAZING! I plan to attend the next open house tasting that they have this fall and then we'll have an easier time picking the items we want to try out for our personal tasting later on. One suggestion I have is to NOT meet with a caterer on an empty stomach. After the meeting was over we had to book it to a nearby Mexican joint so that K could get some food pronto.

My plan is to fax back the contract and send in my deposit tomorrow so that we can check this VERY big item off of the to-do list. Thankfully we still have plenty of time to figure out the type of food we want and whether or not we want to provide the alcohol or have them provide it. Any thoughts? Suggestions? We see the pros and cons of both.


Alicia said...

yay for the shoes!!! i love reading about your wedding coming together! woo hoo!

RCaitlin said...

Since I have no wedding experience of my own I cannot offer any advice. That's great that you got the caterer taken care of you. It sounds like everything is really planned out!