Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Catching up on October

I never really planned on not posting for the past month. It certainly wasn't due to having nothing to write about but more because October was incredibly busy for me. Right now is our busy season at work and we also have a coworker out on maternity leave (this is her third maternity leave during the busy season...we are all a bit bitter about the situation), and I've had to once again cover a majority of her projects. My boss was also on a business trip for a week so I had to cover a number of his projects and of course my own work. Did I mention it's our busy season? Things will continue to be nuts until December but then I can relax again just in time for the holidays.

Our weekends have been busy with fall activities and family stuff. Kristian is now in full hunting mode so for the next couple weekends we won't see much of him, between that and the cold weather we will be doing a lot of movie watching.

So here's my photo dump for the month of October.

We went to the pumpkin patch three times but these photos are from when we went to the BIG one over at Cox farm. This place is awesome (and expensive) but Hunter had an absolute blast going down all the slides, checking out the animals, going on his first hayride and running around. Great family day!

He also has his school pictures again. He gets them twice a year at preschool (spring and fall) and this year I really thought he would do well. He's used to having his photo taken and typically will sit still and smile for me. Well he apparently HATES the photographer they use because he had a total meltdown. See evidence below:

Our local fire department had an open house one Saturday and my mom and I took Hunter to check out all the trucks and activities. It was a great time. He LOVES fire trucks and despite the bad weather it was a great event. His BFF Jordynn also stopped by. 

We celebrated Kristian's birthday with a small party at our house. We had my brother and sister-in-law over along with two of his best friends and their kids. It was very low-key but a lot of fun. My type of party!

Then of course was Halloween. Hunter was PUMPED for Halloween this year. He finally understood what it was about and could remember trick or treating last year. For months I had asked him what he wanted to be and every time he said "SPIDER-MAN"!! Not sure why he's so obsessed with spider-man but it was easy enough so I didn't care. He LOVED his costume, even the face mask. He got to wear his costume for a birthday party the weekend before, then again at school for "trunk or treat' and then of course for trick or treating. We went with his two little buddies that live on our street, just like last year. Hunter did awesome. Went up to every house and said "trick or treat" or "happy halloween" and usually remembered to say thank you. We even got to go to my brother's house for candy. We have SOOO much leftover between what we bought (my mom came over to pass out candy while Kristian and I took Hunter out) and what Hunter brought home. Oh and Moxie was a spider. Everyone LOVED her costume.

Oh and one other thing I wasn't able to mention until very recently is that my brother and sister-in-law are expecting a baby!! They just got married back in June and brought home an extra special souvenir from their honeymoon!! :) I've known since right after they found out (she needed the phone number for my OB) but they didn't make it "Facebook official" until September. They are not finding out the sex and are due at the end of February. I can't wait to meet my new niece or nephew and have them living so close by. Hunter and his new cousin will hopefully be the best of friends.