Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Update

After spending so many weekends this summer moving/unpacking or doing wedding stuff, we finally had a weekend of summertime activities. On Friday night we went to a pool party that K's buddy and his wife were hosting for their son's friend that is leaving for Iraq. It was odd being the "grown ups" at a party full of high school/college age kids and to be the friends of the parents there. Eventually the kids moved off to another house where they could drink more freely and Kristian and I were able to relax in the hot tub for a bit. It was a great night minus the 72 mosquito bites I came home with.

Saturday Kristian decided to go down to his parents beach house to spend the day fishing with his dad. While he was off male bonding I decided to go shopping of course. I haven't bought any new clothes in a while and I was in search of some cute new tops and dresses. Alas, I didn't find much that I couldn't live without but I did score a super cute new sundress at Old Navy.


On Sunday we went down to Georgetown and had brunch at Tony and Joe's on the waterfront. It was great people watching and we played a little game of "do you think he's gay?" or "do you think that dude is a terrorist?" I also was able to wear my new super cute Old Navy sundress.

After we ate we walked by the movie theater on K. St. and decided to stop in and catch a matinee of The Ugly Truth. Despite a predictable ending I really enjoyed the movie and surprisingly so did Kristian. It could be the fact that they talked about tits and ass a lot and what guy doesn't find T&A jokes humorous? Finally we made it home and Kristian cooked up a killer Rockfish dinner which we ate while watching Role Models on Netflix with Paul Rudd and Sean Williams Scott. Another very funny movie.

Overall it was another great week and now I'm sitting at my desk at work trying to kill time while they fix our email AGAIN. Sigh.


april said...

I liked Role Models. I thought it was slow in parts, but I love that they embraced who everybody was without making the obvious jokes about role playing. Plus, I love Jane Lynch. She's hilarious.

Cute dress. I've been shopping a lot at Old Navy lately and The Gap (well, I kind of shop at Gap Kids). I love wearing new clothes right away. It makes me feel pretty.

bananas. said...

A. that dress is adorable. i love the color.
B. people watching is my profession. i could do it all day.
C. i heart paul rudd to the fullest!

sounds like a fun weekend!


Morgan said...

GREAT dress! Super color. Good find!