Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm baaaaaack

After a very long day of travel that began at 3:30 AM we finally returned home from our amazing honeymoon. We had such a wonderful time the past week, we truly couldn't have asked for more. St. Lucia is an absolutely beautiful country, full of incredibly nice people. Our resort was fantastic and it was a week of pure bliss. I plan to get into more detailed recaps including a LOT of pictures but unfortunately I have to work tomorrow *sad face* and I'm still playing catch up from being without Internet or TV for a WEEK! Shockingly I didn't break out into convulsions or shakes from withdrawal.

However, there is one story I want to tell of the honeymoon and a huge shout out to my newest blog/honeymoon friends.

First let me back up, a few months back I got a comment from a guy on my post about where we were going on our honeymoon. He mentioned that he found my blog while doing a google search on our resort. He mentioned he was surprising his wife with a trip there for their anniversary and would be there at the same time as us. I didn't have a way to contact him back and ended up forgetting about it.

Cut to Thursday night and Kristian and I were sitting at the bar enjoying a drink after the dinner. I should mention that our resort was much smaller and more intimate than most resorts so we had seen most of these couples several times already. Anyway, there was a table of 3 couples in the dining area and they called Kristian over to the table.

They asked him if his wife was "Always a bridesmaid" and actually had my blog pulled up on their small laptop at the table. Kristian then called me over and it turned out that Andy was the one that had commented on my blog and since then had been following along. Since there are pictures of me and Kristian on the blog it wasn't too hard for him to figure out I was the one that wrote this blog. So he knew all about us already! It was the coolest, weirdest, funniest moment of the trip. Turns out they also have a blog which then led into a discussion on blogs in general.

As we were talking about blogging, another couple came over to the table to join the conversation and I discovered that it was Kristen from Madame Monogram. When I mentioned that I had heard of her blog before but couldn't remember how she started naming off some of her blog friends and when she mentioned Summer I was like "I Know Summer!" and she was like "I know Summer too!" I told her how I was good friends with KLaw and met Summer at her baby shower. Talk about Small World.

It was amazing to travel thousands of miles to another country and meet people that read my blog and that I have friends in common with. The best part was Kristian's reaction. He's never really understood the whole blog thing and laughs when I mention my "bloggy friends" so it wouldn't have surprised me at all if he thought the whole thing was weird and creepy but it was quite the opposite. He thought it was so cool that there were people out there that read my blog and that we made these connections. He kept referring to me as his "famous blog wife" all night. HA!

So this post is dedicated to my old and new St. Lucia blog followers- Andy, Kim, Joe, Quanda, Kristen and Brian--you guys are awesome and we had a great time hanging out with you all!!!

The night of our blog discovery

The night of the Fish Fry in Anse La Raye

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Well it's official...I'm MARRIED!!!! Yesterday was awesome, all the stress and anxiety and craziness of the past 15 months was totally worth it. I will be doing more in depth recaps after the honeymoon and once I have all the professional pictures back which should be in the next two week or so. Our photographers already said we're going on their website because we're such a good looking couple! haha.

I would love to say I was cool, calm and collected yesterday but that would be a lie. I was stressed and anxious up until the ceremony but ONLY because of the weather which was overcast all day. All the sites kept giving different times for when the rain would start. The girls arrived dressed at the venue at 4 so we got pictures outside as did the boys once they arrived at 4:30.

My main concern was starting the ceremony outside and then having it start raining in the middle of everything. So when it started raining about 30 minutes before the ceremony I actually relaxed because I then knew we would definitely be inside and I was fine with it. It's stressful not knowing where your wedding ceremony is going to be held or what things look like. My inner control freak was having a hard time.

I have to say though I'm actually GLAD it rained and that the ceremony was inside because it was BEAUTIFUL. My coordinators and everyone involved did an amazing job with the setup and it was better than I imagined. The room was full of flowers and candles and dimmed lights and with the rain outside it was very romantic and pretty. Much prettier than I think it would have been in the garden. And I ended up with the "church" like wedding that I actually always imagined when I was growing up.

The ceremony was beautiful, Kristian got very teary when I was walking down the aisle and throughout the ceremony. I actually kept giggling because the whole thing was just so surreal and cool. I loved every moment!

Afterwards the rain had died down a bit so we were able to take some really cool pictures outside which I think will turn out awesome.

The reception was fun, the food was great, everyone loved our signature drinks and the sparkler send off was a huge hit!!

Now I'm home and we're trying to pack and get everything ready before we leave tomorrow for St. Lucia. I can't wait to do full recaps and show a TON of pictures! Until the Pro pictures come in these will have to due courtesy of my bridesmaid Kelli. Enjoy!

At the rehersal

My AOII girls

Getting prettified

My "bride" robes

With 3 of my 4 bridesmaids

I LOVED my hair. The hairpiece I bought was awesome and gave me so much more length and volume and nobody knew it was fake until I told them.

My rings

Before the announcemets, Kristian actually bustled my dress for me!! He has many talents.

Our AMAZING cake!

I hope everyone has a great week and I'll catch up with everyone when I get back.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Thank You

I just wanted to give a quick note of thanks to everyone out there that has followed me on this journey both in real life and in Internet life. All of your comments with support, advice and well wishes have meant the world to me and kept me sane at times. So thank you ALL.

I'm getting ready to leave for the hotel to get ready for the rehersal tonight. I had a bit of breakdown this morning over stress dealing with the none improving weather forecast, a broken printer, issues with the flower girl dresses and initial dislike of my nail job. But Kristian cheered me up by doing his "sexy" dance in his underoos followed by some chocolate cover strawberries. So now I'm in the "F it" mode, whatever happens happens and regardless I'll be married tomorrow night and that's pretty freaking cool.

Please continue to do the anti-rain dance for me. And I promise to post a bajillion pictures after the wedding.

See ya on the other side!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Kristian's mother and aunt are arranging the centerpieces for our reception. They picked up all the flowers today, will assemble tomorrow morning and then transport to the venue on Saturday. My soon to be aunt-in-law posted the following picture on Facebook of the flowers which include white hydrangea, and various shades of pink peonies and roses. I can't wait to see what they come up with!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wedding Mode

Yesterday was my last day of work until June 1st! I was basically running around like a crazy person trying to get as much done as I could before I left. Unfortunately my clients of course decided to wait until the last minute to give me everything I needed so to say I was stressed trying to finish everything is an understatement. I was so in the zone I completely missed my coworkers sneaking a cake into the conference room to surprise me with as a congratulations on the wedding!

Work had been a big part of my overall stress level so now that I don't have to worry about that anymore I can just be fully in wedding mode and enjoy these last few days.

After I finally left work I headed to my coordinator Kathy's house to drop off all my wedding stuff and go over the plan for the decor and timelime. She's going to organize everything and break up the tasks between her and the other two ladies that are helping.

I feel better about the weather situation, even though every site I check is completely different from the other but so far the worst forecast is predicting a 30%chance of a few showers which isn't horrible. Other sites are saying 0% chance so I guess all the anti rain dances are starting to work! However, I've actually gotten more at ease with the prospect of potentially having the wedding inside. We've bought a TON of candles so the inside will be full of soft candlelight and very romantic feeling which makes me happy.

As for the hair, it still hasn't really faded but the color is growing on me (no pun intended) and I found a new clip in hair piece that matches my color and is actually much better than the other hair piece I have. This will give me a LOT of extra body and curls so I'm happy with my hair now.

On tap for the next few days include:
Getting my eyebrows done
Meeting with our photographers for a last meeting
Re-confirming with all my vendors
Wrapping the bridal part gifts
Getting my nails done
Start packing for the honeymoon
Clean the house
Try to bribe someone to take us to the airport Monday morning at 4am (any volunteers??)

I feel in a good place right now. I still have some nerves, mainly about everyone getting to where they need to be on time and everything running smoothly but I've done about as much as I can so I just need to let go and enjoy the process.

The next few days will be intense but I'm really excited!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

R&R Ahead

Despite the crappy weather forecast and the new much darker 'do I'm trying to stay positive and upbeat about this weekend and our honeymoon in St. Lucia. I think a big part of my stress level is trying to finish up as much as I can at work before I'm out for a week and a half. I spent the first half of the month twiddling my thumbs and then of course right before I'm suppose to go on vacation a whole crap load of work lands in my lap. I feel like I'm moving 90 mph and going in circles trying to keep everything straight in my head.

In an effort to get pumped up for the honeymoon I've gone through my closet and started pulling out what I want to pack. So far my wardrobe consists of my 3 new bikini's (which hopefully the weather will give me the chance to wear) and a lot of sundresses, some old and some new. Currently this is what I have picked out-

My 3 new bikini's, the top one is from Target, the middle is from Old Navy and the bottom cost a one cost a total of $9 from H&M!! I felt that white bikini's were fitting for a honeymoon.

A cute little romper from Target. I was anti-rompers until I found this bad boy. It's SOOO comfortable and I thought would work great over a bikini or dressed up with some accessories.

I've had this dress for a while but haven't worn it yet, seemed fitting for St. Lucia

This is a new purchase from Old Navy and will be a nice daytime sundress to wear for lunch.

My mom bought this one for me, not sure from where. This will be a great little dinner dress.

I've had this dress for a while and thought it would be great for getting a bit dressier one night.

This is the white dress I wore to my first shower. I love this dress, it's so comfortable and will look great now that I have a tan.

In addition to these dresses I plan to pack some shorts and tank tops so that I'll have some more casual outfits in case we decide to go into town or take a tour though honestly I think most of our time will be spent lying on the beach or by our private pool. Or if the weather does turn out to be less than ideal I guess we'll just spend most of our time inside doing indoor activities...which I also have outfits for...though not for display on the blog!

I also bought Kristian these two new bathing suits at Old Navy this weekend. They were having a sale, each suit was $10!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Anti Rain Dance

So I'm asking for all my friends out there in Blogland to start doing an anti-rain dance for me. All weekend it showed this Saturday as being beautiful, only partly cloudy, low 80's with only a 20% chance of rain. NOW it's showing a 60% chance of thunderstorms and only 74 degrees. And this is now on WTF?! I know the weather could and probably will change a million times between now and then but it's pissing me off. Yes we have a rain plan but I don't want to use the rain plan!

And to top it off I checked the weather for next week in St. Lucia and it shows showers everyday! Not Isolated Thunderstorms that will just pop up in the afternoon like in most warm climates but full on showers, 60% chance, EVERYDAY! What's the point of flying all the way to a Caribbean island and having my brother spend all that money if it's just going to rain everyday?! Looks like the 3 super cute bikini's I bought won't be getting much use.

To add to my stress level, I'm not a big fan of my hair right now. I dyed it this weekend so that it would be a nice shiny dark brown rather than a dull mousy medium brown and despite the fact that I dye my hair every few months this time it decided to suck up all the color and now it's basically black. Fantastic. Honestly it doesn't look horrible, the dye job itself is good it's just VERY dark and now the clip in hair extension I bought don't match. I've been washing my hair like crazy trying to get it fade. Does anyone have any tips for making it fade faster? I just want it a shade or two lighter but I'm afraid to do anything drastic and have it turn red or something.

So far this week isn't getting off to the best start, the only upside is I only have two more days of work before I'm out for two weeks.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Wed Det

Meet the newest member of our family:

Kristian found her (not sure how you tell the sex but he's convinced it's a she) while fishing today.

Her first name is Wed and middle name is Det...short for Wedding Debt...hahaha

Hopefully the cats don't use her as their latest toy.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Get it together people

Today is the first day that my wedding day is showing up on the 10 day forecast. That was the first thing I checked this morning, even before I logged into my email or Facebook. I realize that being 9 days out anything can still change weather wise but I wanted the comfort of seeing a big bright Sun over the forecast for May 22nd.

I logged onto and the forecast for the 22nd stands at AM clouds/PM sun, 20% chance of precipitation and 85 degrees. HOLLA! I then checked MSN weather's and they have the 22nd as Showers and 74 degrees. Umm what?! How do these two sites have totally different forecasts?! Don't they know that brides all over the area rely on them to predict their wedding day weather forecasts? Ugh. I'm sticking with, they won't let me down!

In other news my birthday celebration at home was very nice. I showed up to the house with a balloon hanging on our balcony.

Then found another balloon, flowers and a few small gifts from the boy.

He had some shrimp cocktail and chocolate covered strawberries (my fav) waiting for me when I walked in.

Then he cooked me an awesome dinner of crabcakes, and pasta with bacon and asparagus.

Followed by birthday cake of course

He bought me a few small gifts since money is tight but I totally appreciated the effort. We drank wine and discussed some wedding stuff and he gave me a great massage that put me to sleep. He's a good one.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

1st Anniversary of my 29th Birthday

My 20's farewell tour has officially come to an end and as of today I'm a proud member of the Dirty Thirty club or more specifically it's my 30th BIRTHDAY!!!

Good news is I didn't find any grey hairs this morning (never mind the fact that I color my hair), I haven't broken a hip yet (though I banged the hell out of my leg getting into the car this morning) and I haven't been admitted to a nursing home (though I probably should be admitted to the nut house but that's another story).

Turning 30 really hasn't been that big of a deal to me. It could be the fact that most of my friends are already part of the club or maybe the fact that planning this wedding has kept me so pre-occupied that I've barely remembered I even had a birthday coming (and anyone that knows me KNOWS that's unusual).

I guess there is a part of me that is a bit sad that my 20's are over and now I have to be all grown up and shit but to be honest most of my 20's (mainly the ages of 23-28) weren't all that great anyway. I did a lot of growing and learning but I feel like my life is finally starting to settle a bit which is comforting.

This decade is going to kick ass and be full of so many wonderful events like getting married and hopefully having kids, moving to a bigger place and traveling that it's hard not to be excited about my new age bracket.

As for birthday plans, we'll I'm throwing a pretty kick ass party in 10 days so I think for tonight it's okay to take it easy a bit. Oh and Kristian did offer to buy me McDonald's and even spring for extra Hot Mustard sauce. He spoils me!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why my wedding won't be the best day of my life

One thing that truly annoys me is when a woman says her wedding will be the best day of her life. Really? The BEST day of your ENTIRE life. Well I don't know about them but I would hate to think that my life had peaked after only 30 short years. If that's the case what do I have left to look forward to?

Don't get me wrong, my wedding day will definitely be ONE of the best days of my life, easily top 5 I'm sure. However, it will share a space with many other days like the day I graduated from college, the day Kristian proposed, and the day(s) that our kid(s) are born. And if we're ever lucky enough to finally win that Mega Millions lottery I'm sure that will be a pretty damn good day.

I just feel it puts too much pressure on a bride to try to convince her that her wedding should be the best day of her life. It makes any of those tiny hiccups and mis-haps that may happen all the more upsetting because they have the potential to ruin the BEST day of your life!

Another issue that irritates the shit out of me is when women say that they want their wedding to be the best wedding their guests have ever been too. I will say right now my wedding will probably not be the best wedding most of my guests have ever been to. Do I hope it's a beautiful, fun wedding that my guests have a kickass time at? Absolutely. Am I striving to make it the best? Not really. I would seriously hope their own wedding would be considered the best wedding they've ever been to. With that said I would be pretty freaking bummed if our wedding was the worst wedding they've been too but I don't think that will be the case.

I really believe that brides need to have more realistic expectations about their big days. Your wedding day is an amazing, wonderful, joyous occasion but if you are putting all your happiness eggs into your wedding basket you could end up disappointed or suffering from a bad case of post-wedding depression.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Crunch Time

With less than two weeks (umm Holy Sh@t!) to the wedding we've hit crunch time on getting all the last minute detail items completed. Fortunately I had a very productive weekend and now actually feel a lot less stressed about what I still have left to do.

After struggling all last week to print out our damn programs, only to discover there was an issue with the supplied online template, we finally figured out a way around the problem and finished printing everything Friday night. On Saturday my bridesmaid Colleen and her bf came over and after having a fabulous lunch together, JD and Kristian left to go look at guns and Colleen and I assembled the programs. It was SOOO much quicker having her there to help especially since I despise tying bows and she is the official bow master. I love the way they turned out.

I used the programs from Michael's that correspond to my invitations. I really didn't want to use a product from the same company that made the shoddy invites I ended up with but I wanted everything to flow and I figured since they weren't going in the mail we shouldn't (hopefully) have any offsetting issues. There are 4 stacked sheets, including a sheet listing the wedding party, one listing the ceremony order and the last page where we put some thank you shouts to friends and family.

My mom found these super cute baskets at the dollar store! Have I mentioned my love of the dollar store yet? I think the programs look great in these baskets.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it yet but I ordered a bunch of sparklers (which will hopefully arrive in time) for our send off at the end of the night. I'm hoping for some pictures like the one below. Well I found another matching basket at the Dollar Store to put the sparklers in. I also made a sign referencing the sparkler send-off and what time it will be using the same damask paper I used for our table names. Now I just hope it doesn't rain so we can actually use them!

I just LOVE these types of pictures!

I also made a matching sign to put by our guest book.

I also finished printing off all the escort cards last night, but forgot to take a picture. That was actually the easiest of all my printing/DIY projects and I finished doing that in about 2 hours. What took the most time was actually typing up everyone's name and table name into the template to print off.

In even more exciting news I had my FINAL dress fitting yesterday. My dress looks and fits amazing. In fact because of all the padding she had to add to the bust I look like I have HUGE boobs now. It's awesome. The only thing left for her to do is sew on the hooks for my bustle and make my veil but I don't need to come back for that. My mom will just pick everything up for me when it's done and keep it at her house until the wedding.

**Funny/disgusting side note- On Saturday around 5pm I pointed out to Kristian that in exactly two weeks from that moment we be almost ready to walk down the aisle and his response "in exactly two weeks I'm going to have massive diarrhea" Yes girls, he's ALL mine. Be Jealous!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Most Amazing Woman I Know

My Mother.

Without her I wouldn't be who I am today. I'm a mama's girl through and through. She is my best friend, my rock of support and I can't imagine my life without her. People tell me all the time that I look just like her and that I act just like her and to me there is no better compliment than that.

So today I want to wish a very Happy Mother's Day to the best mother a girl could ask for!

(My mom on her wedding day- June 2, 1968)

Friday, May 7, 2010


One big item we still need to take care of before the wedding is the booze...after all you can't have a reception without least not a very fun reception. Kristian and I both have friends that are fans of the adult beverage and his family can pack it away. At Christmas his grandma was about 4 deep in straight Whiskey by the time we showed up.

In order to save a bit of cash we decided to buy the alcohol ourselves which would give us a bit more flexibility. We also knew that (depending on where we bought it) we would have the option to return any unopened bottles/cases...or we could just keep them for a rainy day :)

We got a breakdown from our caterer of how much we would need for a beer/wine/signature drink type of bar based on our guest count which is now at 96. We adjusted a bit up because we would rather have too much than too little and these are the figures we came up with:

Beer- Three varieties
Case = 24 bottles

4 cases- Miller Lite
4 cases- Yuengling
3 cases- Corona

Wine- Red and White
Case = 12 bottles

1 case Riesling (my favorite kind of wine)
3 cases Chardonnay
2 cases Cabernet

Case = 12 bottles

1 case for toasts only

Sweet Tea Vodka- 10 Liter Bottles. Our one signature drink will be Sweet Tea Vodka and Lemonade.

Thoughts from the peanut gallery? Does this seem like a good amount? Too much? Too little?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

From my lips to my boss's ears

This is hands down the most expensive month of my life ever! All of our big wedding balances are due within the next week including the cake, flowers, caterer (that bill scares me to my very core). The photographer balance was paid last week and fortunately the venue balance was taken care of in February. Not to mention we still need to purchase all the alcohol and million other little things. Oh and we can't forget our regular monthly bills that need to still be paid. Vomit.

I knew this all was coming but it still sucks to see the amount on the credit card bill increase and the amount in our wedding fund decrease. We are putting all the final payments on the credit card so that A. we can get the reward points and B. if there ends up being an issue with one of the vendors we have a better chance of getting our money back (fingers crossed this doesn't happen). I also have our wedding fund which I've been putting money into since we got engaged and will be able to pay off a large chunk of the credit card but ultimately there will still be a balance leftover. Not a HUGE one but a balance none the less. Just the way it worked out since Kristian unexpectedly became unemployed right before the wedding which we didn't count on.

With all that said there was a bit of good news today. Approximately two minutes after getting off the phone with K and lamenting about all the bills that are coming due my boss walked into my office and handed me a sizable bonus check for the quarter! I swear it's like she had been listening to our conversation and decided to ease some of my money woes with this bonus. Granted it won't pay off the rest of our wedding balances but it's a definite help! It's amazing how timing works sometimes.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

License to Wed

We went to the courthouse today to apply for our marriage license. Gotta make this shiz legal after all. It was a pretty easy process once we figured out exactly where we had to go. Just showed them our ID, filled out a form, swore that we were telling them the truth about our information and away we went. I must admit we did consider just tying the knot while we were there and calling it a day but I've put too much planning into this wedding to just elope at the courthouse now.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Find your Table

Last night I checked another project off my list. I finished making our table markers for the reception dinner tables. We decided to go with assigned tables (though not assigned seats). I just feel that when you have more than 50 guests it makes things much easier on everyone. I've been to weddings where you were not assigned to a specific table and it actually made things a bit tricky. It reminded me of being back in a high school cafeteria. If you know a lot of people there than everyone wants to jam into one table together meanwhile if you don't really know anybody other than the couple getting married it can be awkward trying to find people to sit with.

Rather than going with the standard table numbers we decided to give the tables names instead. To go along with our CD favors that will be placed at each place setting we chose songs from the CD to use as our table names. I then took 4x6 silver frames I purchased from the dollar store (btw I LOVE the dollar store), used some damask wrapping paper my mother found at Party City as the backer and then printed off the title of the song, the artist and a few lines from the lyrics. I just thought it added a little something extra for the guests to look at on the tables and tied it in with the favors nicely. The table names don't match exactly which at first bothered my inner control freak but now I think they look even better not being completely matchy matchy. Plus who will really notice other than me?

Now we just have to finalize the seating chart which is turning out to be a bit harder than I thought because the tables only seat 8, if we could fit 10 that would make things much easier because we have a few "floaters" right now that we are having trouble placing. Hopefully we can finalize that this weekend and start printing off the escort cards.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Best Month of the Year

It's officially May!! Which means it's now officially my Wedding AND Birthday Month. Yep in 9 days I will be turning the big 3-0H! This shit has kinda snuck up on me which isn't surprising since I will be getting married in 19 days!! Holy God we're in the teens now!! Still so much to do and seemingly so little time!

This weekend I had two very important appointments. First up was my third dress fitting which I had been stressing over thanks to my little weight issue (no pun intended). Turns out I have nothing to stress about because Paulette, my seamstress, was able to fix the dress to fit me. She moved the zipper in the back so that it's now tighter through the body. The only issue we still had was on the boob part which was far too big (even with padded cups sewn in) but as I told her, no matter how much weight I gained unless I had surgery I couldn't fix the fact that the dress was made for someone with a C cup and let's just say I fall into another letter of the alphabet.

She did some more pinning and told me to come back after lunch. So I left and had an early birthday lunch celebration with K and my family then went back to Paulette's. She was able to pull in the bust in and now it looks like the dress will fit perfectly. The best part is that now that the top is tighter and actually stays up where it's suppose to I shouldn't need any hemming. I just have to go back for the last time (hopefully) next weekend to make sure everything fits after all the sewing is done.

Yesterday was my second hair trial and first makeup trial. I had to come back for a second hair trial since it turned out I didn't have enough hair for the style I wanted so my stylist told me I should buy a hairpiece to give me the extra body I needed. I purchased one of these ready to wear hair clips which turned out to be perfect. It gave me just the extra bit I needed and she was able to pin the rest of my hair over it to blend it in perfectly. The second hair trial went much better than the first and after she was done we discussed a few tweaks to make and different ways to get the curl to stay in my hair. So I think it will look great.

As for the makeup, that took a bit longer. I'm very particular when it comes to my makeup and typically I don't like the results from having it professionally done. That's not to say that I think I do a better job than the professionals but I guess when you get use to seeing yourself more or less the same way everyday it's hard to see yourself after someone else has had their hands on your face. I brought in this picture as inspiration:

I told her I like more of the grey-ish/purple colors for the smoky eyes. Well she used some straight up purple shade that was very bright and looked more blue on me. I did not like it. So I told her to go with more of the grey tone, the second attempt the coloring was better but still not the style I liked. So I referenced the picture again and told her I wanted it just like that. So the third attempt she was able to get it much closer to what I wanted. However, by that point after having my eye makeup removed twice my lids were extra pink so I wasn't able to get the exact look that I will have (hopefully) on the wedding day. As for the rest of the makeup- face, cheeks, lips, eyebrows...I loved it! It was perfect. I think now that we've walked through it the eyes will turn out okay on the wedding day. I took some pictures of my makeup but I look weird in all of them so I'm not posting them. Sorry.

If there was one thing I would recommend for anyone getting married and having their hair and/or makeup done by someone else is to DO A TRIAL! It would have been so stressful showing up on the wedding day having to start from scratch and then come to discover the hairstyle I had my heart set on wouldn't work on me or the colors I wanted for my makeup didn't look right on my skin tone. It saves time and brings peace of mind.

I'm so excited it's May! This will truly be the best month of the year!