Monday, June 29, 2009

Rescue Me

I had to run to Wegman's (aka best store ever) at lunch today to pick up a prescription and as I got in my car to come back to the office I turned the ignition and....nothing. Yep my car was dead. Fantastic! I tried it several times, checked to make sure I hadn't left the lights on or that the car wasn't in park before conceding defeat. I almost burst into tears because whenever I have an issue with my car I want to cry. I feel so helpless. Of course I called K and thankfully he was just finishing up an appointment about 30 minutes away.

He showed up with his coworker in their work truck and with a new battery in hand. They stopped at the Trak Auto on the way to get it. Between the two of them they were able to replace the battery in the parking lot and saved me from needing a jump start and taking it to the shop. Granted they did need to jimi-rig it a bit because despite telling the Trak Auto guy what car I have the battery was a tad too small. So now I have a few pool parts holding my battery in place but it works :) I was actually planning to get my car inspected tomorrow because it needs to be done by the end of this month so hopefully my shiny new battery will help me pass.

I am just so relieved that K was available to come help me and I didn't have to deal with that AAA mess that takes forever. Even though I know I could have handled it on my own (I have before) it's nice that I didn't have too. My hero :)


KLaw said...

My battery died about a year ago. I think they go every few years. Glad it wasn't anything big and expensive!

RCaitlin said...

Well I'm glad you had someone to help! My BF is amazing with cars and he regularly checks up on mine so nothing ever happens. Before him though I've had the battery die. It was Triple A for me!

Alicia said...

i know how you feel! i can't even count the number of times the hubs has had to come to my rescue!