Friday, July 10, 2009

The Man Cave...errr...Closet

Before I moved in Kristian had an entire 2bed/2bath condo to himself which he filled with all of his fun man toys i.e. guns, knives, fishing poles, guitars etc. Well once it came time to try to merge my crap with his crap we had to get creative about how to organize everything. Kristian, like most men craves having his own personal "man" space ideally a whole room preferably an entire garage...which could also hold a flat screen and a kegerator.

Seeing how the guest room is actually furnished and setup to be a guest room K has been relegated to the walk in closet in the guest room. This has become his "man closet". We bought a shelving unit and now it's completely organized with all of his fishing and hunting gear as opposed to having it all spread out on the floor of the guest room which is how he had it before. He also put a little stool in there and he'll go in there at night and just sit on the stool and look at all his fun "toys" or play with his fishing lures. Quite frankly I don't see the fun in that but it keeps him out of my hair while I'm watching my dumb reality shows so I don't try to stop him.

Where Kristian goes to hide from me.

I do feel bad that he's gone from having a "man condo" to a "man closet" but I promised him that as soon as we're able to move into a bigger place I'll make sure he has a room or garage space just for him.


bananas. said...

ha! that's too funny. poor guys. i gave the garage to the boy but sadly he has to share it with the dogs. lol.

The Reverend said...

I like your man... hunting, fishing, needing space away from estrogen! Did he put up much of a fight?? :)

Toothfairynotes said...

oh oh... so I need to give bf a man closet as well when we're living together? It's definitely not going to be a man condo! :P