Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vanity Plate

Kristian decided that he wanted to change his license plate. His current plate refers to his old job of selling swimming pools and he wanted to update it to something more current and fitting to him. Since his favorite thing in the world (besides me) is fishing he decided to buy a vanity plate with a fishing theme. We came up with a few different ideas, all of which were available according to the website that you order plates through. See if you can guess which one he picked.
MSTRB8R (my personal fav)
and in case you can't translate any of these they are:
Fish Nekkid
Hook Fish
Eat Fish (duh)
Fish Lover
Fishing Rod
So Fishy
Big Bait
Sharp Hooks
Smell Fish
Crazy Fish
So which one would you pick?


bananas. said...

I'm gonna say any of them will due except the masterbaiter one. If i saw that on a license plate i would think "ew pervect" since it looks and sounds like masterbater.

amber said...

I like fish naked, haha.

I agree, "Master baiter" is clever, but it's not spelled that way for the plate, so that seems to defeat the purpose.

Marian said...

This is hysterical. I'm a fan of fish nekkid!!

KLaw said...

Big bait. Is that what he chose?

Nicole-Lynn said...

All of them are funny and so cute. I saw one one time that I thought was GENIOUS.... ICUNIYQ! haha

Mrs. Lopez said...

I like Big Bait too!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

The MasterBaiter one is just wrong on so many levels. Funny, but wrong. Do you want the cops following him and mother's shielding their children from him? :)

I like lots of them but I say CRZEFSH

Salt said...

Please please please tell us he picked MSTRB8R. That is a freakin' RIOT!

Chocolate Lover said...

hahaha MSTRB8R is freakin hilarious!!

Ailish said...

Personally if it were me, I would've picked "MSTRB8R"


~KS said...

Hahaha... Masterbator makes me laugh pretty hard!!