Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wed-cap: The Ceremony

**Picture heavy post ahead

My favorite part of the the wedding day was the ceremony itself, after all that was the moment that made Kristian and I husband and wife. That was the moment I had been dreaming of my whole life and more specifically for the 15 months leading up to it. You really can't anticipate how you'll feel in the moment before walking down the aisle, or the moment you recite your vows or the moment when pronounced husband and wife. For me I felt incredibly excited, nervous, beautiful and loved.

As I've mentioned the initial plan was to get married outside in the garden. However when it started raining about 30 minutes beforehand there was much rushing around to move everything and get the reception room setup for the ceremony. Prior to the rain starting the photographers did get a picture of the Plan A ceremony site which made me happy so that I could see what that would have looked like. While I think the garden was pretty I think the inside was a much more intimate and romantic setting, so it all worked out for the best.

*our outdoor ceremony that never happened*

*Kristian escorting his mom down the aisle*

*My brother Keith escorting my mom*

*Kristian's dad walking his mother down*

*Kristian's uncle walking his maternal grandmother down the aisle*

*The Jr. Bridesmaids Madison and Carleigh* *Michelle* *Kelli* *Colleen*
*MOH- Krista* *My brother walking me down to meet my groom*

Right before we entered the room I got very teary-eyed and had to take a moment to pull myself together. But once I saw Kristian I couldn't help but smile and my tears vanished. I was way to excited and happy to cry.

*The flower handoff*
*My 5 1/2 year old niece Kaitlin was our flower girl and did an amazing job of walking down the aisle and standing up front during the whole ceremony. Unfortunately her 2 1/2 year old sister who was our other flower girl didn't end up going down the aisle. She was suffering from a double ear infection and wouldn't stop fussing*

*His Uncle Stanley doing the first reading*

*The ring exchange*

*Spanky doing the second reading*
*The KISS*

*Mr and Mrs*
*Kevin, Krista and Kaitlin*

*Bryan and Colleen*
*Matt and Kelli*
*Jason and Michelle*
*Kristian's nephew, the jr. groomsmen, escorting his sisters up the aisle*

I loved our ceremony. It was sweet and sentimental and perfect. Kristian was very teary-eyed and I couldn't stop giggling. It was such a cool, surreal, amazing experience I just couldn't help but giggle with excitement. I was also trying to keep Kristian from completely losing it ;-) As much as I had stressed about the weather and the potential of the ceremony being inside I couldn't be happier with how everything went.


Jenn said...

That's neat that your photographer got the "set-up" pic, just so you could see.. Everything happens for a reason and God had it planned for you to have an inside wedding :)
Can't wait to seee moreeee!!!!

Bicoastal Bride said...

What a gorgeous ceremony! I agree that it looked absolutely lovely indoors, and I love how happy you look in the pictures. I also thought I would cry during the ceremony, but the only time I got teary-eyed was while I was walking down the aisle. The rest of the time, I was way too excited and happy!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Oh how I continue to love your photos! So amazing! :) Everything looked beautiful.

So much fun. I love how you remember and share about the emotions of the moments. What a wonderful ceremony it must have been in person :)

Melissa said...

Beautiful. I really wished I could have been there. Thanks for all the recaps. I love them. Hope to see you and Kristian soon.

bananas. said...

So beautiful, shannon. Aww now i'm all teary eyed :*). Happy tears of course. Your wedding was perfect, you looked perfect and now it's you and k forever. Congrats again my dear!

KLaw said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Iva said...

OMG!! SOOO perfect!!! Truly perfect!!! you are such a beautiful bride!!!