Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Honeymoon Recap- Arrival and Room

**Update the video should work now, I accidentally had it set on private.

I'm going to break up the honeymoon recaps into a few posts so as not to completely bore you with a ridiculously long post.

We left for the honeymoon at 6am on Monday the 24th from Reagan National Airport in DC. We had a connection in Miami along with a plane full of other newleywed couples. All of the French manicures and "Game Over" t-shirts were a dead giveaway. The flights were pretty smooth as was making it through customs once we arrived. Since our resort is an hour away from the airport we had them send a driver to meet us when we arrived. Our driver Andrew gave us a lot of great information during the drive and even stopped halfway through at a little roadside bar for a drink and some pictures.

At the Miami airport

On our way to the resort

Andrew and Kristian

Once we arrived we were given a drink and a grass necklace and once we saw our little "cottage" we knew we were in heaven. We literally had the best cottage at the resort IMO. We were closest to the restuarant, bar and pool area and our view was to die for! Below are pictures of our cottage along with a little video tour that I did.

After first arriving at our resort

Our cottage 'Annafe'

Amazing view

Two person hammock and private plunge pool

Outdoor shower


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

look at that bedroom!!!! so awesome. love love love it.

bananas. said...

You two are so cute! You TOTALLY look like honeymooners ;)

And loooove that cottage. I bet it was so hard to leave.

Chocolate Lover said...

Looks so pretty! And with your own private pool!

Ms. Wedding Crasher said...

Wow this looks so amazing! I am so happy for you!

KLaw said...

What a beautiful place to spend a week decompressing!!! Loves it!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Wow I am LOVING your room! I want to go live there!

Jenn said...

When you get a chance can you please send me the info on the lodge you stayed at etc?
The future hubby needs that info, HAHA!


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Dude that place looks ah-mazing!! The bed....to die for...and the hammock and pool...so jealous!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Wow...this takes me back to our honeymoon villa. We had a private plunge pool too...isn't it amazing? And we were also greeted with drinks and I loved our location. Makes me miss it :) Looks like you had a great time and were hopefully in a very relaxing gorgeous setting. :)

I too split up the h-moon recaps...smart. Unfortunately, the video says it is private and I have to have the link sent :(

Caro said...

Love the outdoors shower!

Meagan@Megs7827 said...

Oh my gosh!!! That bed! This would be the end of my posts. I would never leave! I think I'll be suggesting this to Hubby for our anniversary!

Mrs T said...

That place looks like holiday heaven!

Gaynor said...

Looks gorgeous; we had our own plunge pool in the maldives and I want to go back NOW!