Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Honeymoon Recap- Excursions

St. Lucia is a beautiful country and there are a lot of activities and excursions that you can do during the day or in the evenings. Most of these can be setup through your resort directly. My brother agreed to splurge and allow us to get the honeymoon package which included a day trip to the city of Castries for shopping and a trip to the Friday night Fish Fry in Anse La Raye which is a small fishing village about 20 minutes from the resort. In addition to the trips that came with our package Kristian also went deep sea fishing one day while I got a massage.

First up was our trip to Castries which is one of the largest cities in St. Lucia. The resort had a driver drop us off in the city and then agreed to pick us up a few hours later. We spent the next few hours roaming the little shops in the market area, we had lunch in their "mall" and explored and amazing Catholic Church.

The locals were all very nice and never once were we harassed or given a hard time. Kristian being the outgoing guy he is made friends with everyone we talked to. We were able to buy some neat stuff to bring home for everyone and it was cool being around all the locals.

I did not go on Kristian's deep sea fishing trip because I had no interest in vomiting on my honeymoon (sidenote- he totally puked). He had a great time though and even stopped at the local Rum factory on his way back.

(The famous Pitons)


The Friday night Fish Fry in Anse La Raye was a great time. We went with a good number of other couples from the resort. Once we arrived our tour guide from the resort gave us a heads up on which booths to avoid and which booths had the best food. He also hooked everyone up with a free fish sandwich which blew McDonald's filet o fish's out of the water as well as shots of various rums.

There were a lot of booths with the locals selling food and souvenir items and people filled the blocked off streets while music played. It was a fun, laidback atmosphere and once again the locals were all very nice and we never had an issue with anyone. The ride back to the resort was quite lively thanks to all the rum drinks.

(Our "man in a barrel" you lift the barrel and get a little "surprise" best souvenir ever)

Even though we didn't do as many of the day trips as we could have I'm really happy with the ones we did and having the opportunity to really see what the local culture is like and be able to interact with the local people. It really gave us a great insight into the real St. Lucia outside of the fancy resort.


MrsMis said...

It looks like you guys had an awesome trip! My husband and I are thinkg about going to St. Lucia for our one year anniversary... after reading your recaps, I think its safe to say were GOING :)

Jen said...

That church does look gorgeous! I'm so sad I missed the market in Castries. We only had about an hour to wander around town from the cruise port -- not a whole lot (that cruise ship in the background of the pic of you and Kristian by the harbor reminds me of our ship!).

The Fish Frye sounds amazing! The St. Lucians are amazing and hospitable people. Oh, I so want to go back!

Chocolate Lover said...

How fun! It's always nice to get out of the resort and check out how the locals live.

bananas. said...

be honest...did you two bring back a couple orphan local kids? haha. jk. that picture of kristian and the girls is adorable.

Sunshine In The City said...

Aren't Kristen and Brian so much fun!?!? I feel like Kristen brought home a souvenir from her honeymoon in Mexico that was very similar to the man in a barrel. I think she likes those kind of things :) Hahaha!

KLaw said...

That place looks just so rustic and relaxing. I CRAVE a vacation like that.

Jenni said...

Ohhh how pretty!!! it all looks wonderful!!!!

Kristin said...

I have friends who went there on their honeymoon and they said it was incredible. It certainly looks like it is from your pics!!

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