Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wed-cap: Getting Ready

**pictures are a combo of pro pictures and pics taken by my bridesmaid Kelli

To start off the recaps I figured I should start at the beginning with a recap of my getting ready process. I woke up early on the wedding day...actually I was up from about 3am-5am because I couldn't sleep and then ultimately was awake starting at 7am. My bridesmaid Colleen spent Friday night with me in the hotel room **sidenote- our hotel had one of the most comfortable beds I've ever slept in.

Colleen and I walked the few blocks to the salon at noon for our appointements. My other bridesmaid Kelli met us there. My hair and makeup stylist Angela at The Lorraine Aprile Salon did an amazing job. I must admit that despite my two hair trials and one makeup trial I was still nervous about how things would turn out.

I was already concerned over my hair which turned out black rather than dark brown when we dyed it the weekend before. However my new hair color turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Because my color was so much darker it meant that I needed to buy a new clip in hair extension since the one I already had was now too light. I found one that actually worked a LOT better and gave me so much more volume and curl. And nobody could tell I was wearing fake hair, in fact when I told people they would try to figure out which was real and which was fake. The only downside to the hair piece was that I wasn't use to the extra weight and it did make my head hurt a bit and I constantly felt like it was falling out (it wasn't).

In the end I absolutely LOVED both my hair and my makeup. I will say the only change I wish I could go back and make was to darken my eyebrows a bit more. They seem too light in the pictures. Oh well.

(looking a little worried about where this is headed)

(the fake hair going in)

(here's a good shot post makeup application)

(my mom came to pick us up and drive us back to the hotel so we didn't have to worry about wind or humidity)

(Kelli and Colleen...love these girls)

(checking my makeup in my "Bride" robe)

(I think it's impossible to put on a wedding dress without help)

(LOVE this shot...that's Kelli zipping me up)

(can't forget the blue heels...my boobs look huge in this picture...thank you padding)

(touch-ups...love my clevage in this picture)

(this was in the bridal suite of the venue)

(more last minute touch ups)

(my MOH putting on my veil)

(great shot of the back of my hair, I have about 3 times as much hair in the picture as normal)

(This is a great profile shot of the hair)

(This is a good shot of my eye makeup...click to enlarge)

(the final product)


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

darlin girl, you really did make a beautiful bride. i could look at these pics every day and never get tired! lol.

Nicole-Lynn said...

You're such a stunning bride! :)

Annie said...

amazing!! love how your hair turned out!! love all the photos hun! :)

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Gorgeous! And your hair was amazing! Usually I'm not a "fake" hair person but you really couldn't tell...it just looked so full!

Kristen said...

You look gorgeous!

I LOVE the hair, so full!

carrie1 said...

These are all so beautiful. And I love your hair.

Andrea said...

You look great, I love your hair!

Salt said...

Wow! Your hair looked AMAZING! I wish I had done extensions in mine to make it fuller. Gorgeous pics!!

Bicoastal Bride said...

You look so beautiful, and I’m so glad to hear you were happy with your hair in the end! I’ve been going to Lorraine Aprile Salon since last fall, and I’ve loved it.

KLaw said...

Such a beautiful bride!!

Chocolate Lover said...

Your hair is gorgeous!! Love the dress!

LiLu said...

You truly, truly look amazing!

Jen said...

Shannon, you were a beautiful bride! Your hair and makeup was perfect, and I'm so glad. I especially love your hair, and I think it looks better darker. Of course, your dress is beautiful -- I love the lower back.

Hehe, the blue shoes are a good idea.

Mrs T said...

Wow you look beautiful and I LOVE the hair!

Venassa said...

You look gorgeous. I am in love with the hair. I've never been a fan of the formal up-dos so I love that it's mostly down.

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

You look just beautiful. Love the hugging shot of you and K! So emotional :)

And of course you can't get into a wedding dress by yourself...that's what we pick bridesmaids for!!! ;)