Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Honeymoon Recap- Evenings at the Resort

With the exception of our few excursions we hung out at the resort. With a beach, private pool, spa, two restuarants/bars there really wasn't much need to go elsewhere.

Most of the days we would head to the bar around 6 for happy hour where we would hang out with the other couples at the resort, followed by a long, romantic dinner, a few more drinks then back to the room.
(Our first night at the resort)

Every Wednesday night the resort hosts a "Manager's Cocktail Party", all the guests are invited down to the lower deck for wine and appetizers and it's a great opportunity to get know the staff and the other guests at the resort. At our Cocktail party, one of the couple's that was on their 10 year anniversary trip decided to have an impromptu vow renewal in front of everyone. It was awesome. Afterwards everyone went upstairs to enjoy the buffet of creole food, followed by dancing to the band that they brought in for the evening. We danced our asses off and went back to the room where we jumped into the pool sans clothes to cool off before bed.

(Cocktails before the Cocktail party)

(The vow renewal, officiated by Kristen)

(Getting down with the band)

One of the things that came in our honeymoon package was a private dinner for two on the lower deck. We chose to do this on Thursday night. They had the whole table decorated and the 3-course meal we received was great. It was so nice having dinner together away from the rest of the couples at the resort.

The last night we were there we headed to the bar for happy hour per usual and our bartendar who we had made friends with over the week suggested I come behind the bar and he would teach me how to make one of the fancy, smoothie type of drinks. It was my first bartending experience and I have to say I'm a natural. I thought about getting a bartending job and just staying down there permanately a la Tom Cruise in Cocktails.


Jenni said...

Oh how fun!!! I can't wait until my own wedding and honeymoon!!!

Nicole-Lynn said...

You guys look so in love and relaxed.. love it! Glad you had a good time :)

carrie1 said...

You two are so photogenic.

LauraLou said...

Oh my gosh - Your posts make me so excited for my honeymoon next week!! And you and your hubby are SO darn cute!

KLaw said...

I love how you're breaking this down in a few posts. The suspense! :) Again, totally envious. That looks so incredibly relaxing.

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

How absolutely amazing...I love all of these look so great in all the dresses. I especially love the photo of you with hubby's hand on your behind, Mr Fix It does that to me in all of our pictures! ;)

Your honeymoon sounds so much like the resort my sister went to for hers in Indonesia...what a great experience to meet so many new people and still get some alone stuff!

Jen said...

Sounds like what the boyfriend and I do on our cruises! So awesome, SG! I love all of your dresses, BTW. You looked so happy and gorgeous.

Salt said...

It sounds like you guys had the most amazing time. The resort looks GORGEOUS! I wish my honeymoon had included a bartending lesson!

Mrs T said...

Love that they let you behind the bar to make drinks!