Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wed-Cap: The Formal Shots

As soon as the ceremony finished we huddled in a back hallway, made out a bit and waited for the all the guests to disperse and head next door for the cocktail hour at the mansion. We then filed back into the main room for some formal posed shots.

I'm not a huge fan of the formal posed pictures but I realize that they are necessary, especially since those are typically the ones that the parents prefer to frame. I didn't want to spend a whole lot of time on these because I wanted our family and wedding party to have a chance to go and enjoy the cocktail hour while Kristian and I took pictures around the property.

Here are some of the formal family and wedding party photos we got. I'm not a fan of the stairs that lead up to the stage to the left in some of the pictures but I've been able to crop them out of a few of the ones prior to ordering the prints.

*my mom and Kristian's parents*

*Kristian's parents and sister*

*my mom and two older brothers*
*our good looking wedding party*
*I think the only person I'm taller than in this picture is the flower girl. Sad.*

I do have a few regrets when it comes to these pictures. Despite not being a big fan of formal shots there were a few that I wished we had gotten but didn't. Unfortunately we weren't able to get any formal shots with Kristian and I and our pastor or with any of the extended family. Everyone pretty much immediately headed next door for the cocktail hour and between the rain outside and the time crunch from running behind schedule we just didn't think to go hunt those relatives down.

I wish we had gotten a formal shot with Kristian's grandmother's. I really regret not having this. And I know my mom especially is disappointed we didn't get any with her brother and sister. Also, despite the fact that they were both there we didn't get a picture of just me with my two brothers...that's another picture I know my mom would have wanted.

But such is life when it comes to the craziness of weddings. We did make a list of the photos we wanted taken but in the hustle and bustle of trying to get everything some of them were forgotten.

My suggestion is to make sure that any person, whether it be family or friends, that you want formal pictures with know when and where to be for those pictures. If that means they should stick around after the ceremony let them know in advance otherwise they will probably head to the next destination.


Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Oh my...your veil is amazing! These are great shots. I totally know what you mean about missing pictures with certain people in them. As you know i didn't get 1 picture with me and my mom or with me, my husband and daughter. That is a great tip to tell people beforehand to stick around.

Bicoastal Bride said...

I also totally agree with you about warning certain people ahead of time that you want them to stick around for pictures. Our priest disappeared right after the wedding, so I guess he didn’t want to be in any photos with us!

Jen said...

That's some good advice that I don't think I would have thought of!

april said...

Well, you always could have taken more pictures, better to concentrate on the beautiful ones you do have!

We took a huge extended family of Rob's family when we got married but did not for my side of the family. We did do it at my sister's wedding though. I also kind of wish I had pictures of each of my bridesmaids and me together, but I only have group shots which is fine.

Very nice!

Mrs. Lopez said...

Great pics. We made a list of the pics we wanted for the formal pics and our photogopher did a great job getting them. Im sure we missed one or so but other than that we got what we wanted.

bananas. said...

Yea those are definitely formal. Almost looks like you got married in a church cuz the photos remind me of my cousin's wedding pic. Except our family looked like the damn mafia. You look gorgeous btw.

amber said...

Your dress looks amazing :)

Kristin said...

I always say that I want another wedding so I can get the photos we missed. HA! Your veil is soooooo stunning!

Gaynor said...

Even though we told everyone we would do the big group shot as soon as we arrived at the hotel, people still werent around so it doesnt always work!

Gorgeous pics though!

Mrs T said...

Sorry you have photo regrets - they are the worst!

Love the shots you got!