Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A note of thanks

For the past two weeks we've been working on sending out our thank you cards. We've been writing and mailing a few at a time so that it's not such an annoying, tedious task. Kristian has actually been a big help and written most of the ones for his family and friends. His thank you cards are not only very personal but quite humorous. For example he wrote in his aunt's card that I'm afraid the Indian artifact she gave us (don't ask) is really some sort of fertility thing and I refuse to keep it in the bedroom. HAHA. I hope his aunt has a sense of humor!

During the planning process I stalked many wedding blogs and websites and one of the ideas that I decided to borrow *cough*steal*cough* was the idea of taking a photo at the wedding of us holding a "Thank You" sign and using that photo for our thank you cards.

Something like this:

*source- Weddingbee.com*

When I first mentioned the idea to Kristian he thought it was kind of cheesy and lame. But to be honest at first he thought most of my wedding ideas were cheesy and lame only to turn around after the fact and tell me what a great idea it ended up being. Moral of the story--Shannon is always right!

I tasked him with making our Thank You sign before the wedding since he's the one with all the artistic ability in our little family. He made the sign to look similar to our invitation design and my Type A Control freak thought it turned out great. I told him if the photo didn't turn out well or if he still thought it was cheesy once it was done we wouldn't send it.

Well of course he gave in and we've sent out more than half of our thank you cards and gotten great feedback on them. People seem to actually want to keep these more so than they would a generic thank you card. I've already seen the card displayed on the counter at my In-laws house and my brother and SIL's house. So I guess my "cheesy" and "lame" idea turned out pretty good.

Here's a pic of the card which we printed via VistaPrint. The inside is completely blank and I've whited out our last name.


Bicoastal Bride said...

I love the card you created, and think that's such a great idea! I also have a post ready to go about "thank you" cards this week. Stephen has also been great about helping, and I love the messages he writes, too.

carrie1 said...

Super cute... and I love your new header picture.

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Aw, it looks great! Like you, Mr Fix It thought most of my ideas were lame and then eventually came around admitting that they were great :)

We also did the thank you card picture and I have a post scheduled to share ours as well.

I love that your guy makes the notes personal! My sister saw me writing some out this past week and said she couldn't believe I was writing a 'novel' on them. I told her I like to make them personal and specific to the gift and the person...not just "Thanks for the great toaster...it's sitting on our kitchen counter." BLECH!

Glad you are getting this done. I also have been doing about 5 or 6 a day for the past week or so...but I still have 48 to go! :( I guess I should be grateful.

amber said...

The card looks great :)

Jenn said...

I love the idea, I also plan on doing the "Thank You" card! I love that your putting the personal touch, I LOVE reading cards that are personal! Keep up the good work with getting them done!

Mrs T said...

Of course people are keeping your Thank you card - it's adorable!

Love Kristian's humor in the cards. Makes it more fun than a generic - Thank you for the gift card!

Alicia said...

that's such a cute idea!! i love it!! and ps- the wedding photos are amazing and i LOVE the new haircut!! hope you're enjoying life as a wifey-boo!

Gaynor said...

They look great.

We didnt take a pic with a thank you but I did get some of our proper pics printed to put on the front of the cards I made.

Since I made all 100+ of them and then had to start writing; its taking a while! Have mailed some but have at least 50 to go!