Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wed-cap: It's In the Details

One of the requests that I made of our photographers was to get a lot of detail shots, after all I wanted to be able to remember all the small details that I spent 15 months putting together. And as with our other photos they did not disappoint. They did a great job getting shots of all the details throughout the day. Below are just a few of my favorites. There will be more to come once I start re-capping the reception.

*This was taken in our hotel room which turned out to be a great back-drop for the getting ready pictures*

*Close up of the beading on my dress*

*My grandmother's engagement ring- which was my something old/borrowed, my earrings, and the pin I attached to my bouquet*

*Close up of mine and my grandmother's engagement ring*

*The bottom of my shoes, the top shoes says "I Do"*

*My $10 earrings, yes they were only $10!*

*Our programs...I loved our programs*

*The flower girl baskets that my mother in law decorated*

*The ring shot on the rock wall outside*

*The candles lining the aisle*

*Part of the reception tables...more pics to come of these*

*The beautiful stained glass window in the venue*

*Our invitation with the bridal and bridesmaid bouquet*

*The napkins my MIL bought for us*

*The Waterford Crystal champagne glasses we got for Christmas*


Marian said...

What perfect pictures. I absolutely adore that first one with your shoes and your dress in the background. To.DIE.FOR!!!

KLaw said...

Beautiful! I love how you are continuing to post all these details!

Shayne said...

Everything looks wonderful hun!!

Kristin said...

I adore what you did to the bottom of your shoes!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Very nice detail pics :)

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Love all the details shots! I didn't think to have one of our invitations there that day and I'm bummed we didn't get any photos of it. Oh well. We have about 20 extra copies including one that's framed with my bouquet so I don't think I will forget what it looked like. :)

Jealous you got peonies in your bouquets! We couldn't get them in decemeber and had to settle for piano roses. Just not the same!

Jenn said...

I love all the details! I need to make sure to tell my photographer to capture ALL the details I have planned!

Keep sharing stuff, I love reading about your big day!

Bicoastal Bride said...

These are great! I love the first shot of your shoes with the gown in the background. Our photographers were also great at capturing these types of shots, which was important to me.

bananas. said...

All the details are perfection! And the one of your earring on you is so pretty. Your photographer really captured everything you wanted. Job well done.

Jenni said...

aww your wedding looks like it was so stunning!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

These are such great shots...but my favorite is the first one of your dress and shoes. So pretty!

Your ring shot is cool too. We also got a shot of our invite with my bouquet and my jewelery but they zoomed in super close on it...I wish they would have taken a wider photo showing the entire thing :( Even though I have some good detail shots which have/will be shared in my recaps, there are still so many that my stupid photographer missed or took crappy photos of! Oh least you are happy with your wonderful photos. Congrats on that!

LauraLou said...

I love detail pictures! I made sure our photographer got a lot of those too - I'm really looking forward to seeing them. Yours turned out so well!

Salt said...

Such pretty details! I love all of it. Especially your shoes and your invitations.

amber said...

Gorgeous :) Love the beading on your dress.

Gaynor said...

Gorgeous pictures & details; I love your shoes!

I had blue I do on the bottom of my shoes, and the date inside my clutch bag!