Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Happy Wednesday!
Linking up with Shannon for So What Wednesday!
This week I'm saying So What if:
-I'm THRILLED we were finally able to sell my old car. We sold it ourselves via Craig's List and got $2K more than what Carmax offered us. We will be using the money to replenish our savings and the amount we took out for the down payment on the new car. I'm also happy we stuck to our guns about the price and didn't accept any of the low ball offers we got. It helped that we weren't in a rush to sell it. It went to a very nice couple who gave it to their 16 year old daughter. It's a perfect first car to have.
-I got a bit sad after they drove off in my old car. After all it's the car we brought Hunter home from the hospital in. I get way too sentimental over inanimate objects.
-I'm cancelling my membership to our local massage place. Not only do I need to save the money but it's actually hard to find a free hour on the weekends to go once a month. Plus I found out my favorite masseuse is no longer working weekends so I don't really want to go anymore.
-I'm already annoyed with Kristian going hunting and he's only gone once so far this season. Monday reminded me how much I hate when he's gone all day on Saturdays. It's going to be a long hunting season.
-I booked our fall family photo session and I'm stressing about what we should all wear. I always stress way too much over this. It should be interesting to see if we get any decent ones with a wild toddler who hates having his picture taken.
-We finally hung up all the pictures frames in our dining room to create our new gallery wall. It only took us almost a year of the frames collecting dust on the floor.
-If the first word my child says every morning when he wakes up is "Bus" seriously the kid is obsessed with school buses and now that school is back in session we see a ton of them on the way to daycare. He's constantly shouting "BUS" and "BEEP BEEP" from the backseat the whole way there. 


K said...

I get attached to inanimate objects too. I cried when we sold mine. It's all the memories! Congrats on getting the price you wanted!

Shannon said...

I had a prenatal massage done last week and they tried so hard to sell me on a monthly massage after the fact. I didn't even know that existed. But I'll tell you what? Nothing ruins the relaxation of a great massage than trying to be sold immediately after. Not a smart business model.

Bethany said...

I cried when we sold my car too :( it always helps knowing its going to someone good. Mine went to a girl going to college, from what Ive heard, she still has it and it's going strong!

HickChickBritt said...

Haha the first word Hayes says when he wakes up is Gah Gah (choo choo) He is obsessed with trains. Then usually followed by bye bye, because he wants to hurry up and leave and go to my parents house and watch trains... Hopefully it is just a phase.

Laura said...

so cute that hunter loves buses so much! So happy to hear you were able to sell your car for more than you expected! The week's almost over already - here's to 1 1/2 more days!