Tuesday, September 10, 2013

End of Summer Beach Trip

We were finally able to make it back down to my in-laws beach house this past weekend. With so much going on this summer this was only the second trip we've been able to make but the weather was perfect and I'm so glad we were finally able to get down there again before the fall weather truly hits.

We left early Saturday morning and it was an easy 2 hour drive. Hunter napped for about half the trip and just sat quietly the rest of the way. He was such a good boy! This was our first real road trip in the new car and it's SO much nicer to travel in. We had plenty of room in the back for everything including the stroller and several of Hunter's push toys that he uses daily.

We arrived around 10am and it wasn't long before Hunter was checking out the sand and water with "Nana". **My mother-in-law hates being called Nana, she thinks it sounds old, we've tried getting Hunter to call her Grandma or MiMi but he keeps going back to Nana for some reason (he also calls my mom Nana). So my MIL just laughs now. Hunter is in charge.
I don't know how much Hunter remembers of our trip down for the 4th of July but he was definitely fascinated by everything and had a ball throwing the rocks into the water. 

Moxie's favorite thing to do is dig massive holes in the sand. I think the beach house is her version of Disney Land.

Normally Hunter doesn't nap or sleep well at the beach house but he actually had a great nap despite having slept in the car. I guess we were able to wear him out the first few hours we were there. My MIL had to lay down with him until he fell asleep but once he did he was out for 2 1/2 hours. I even managed a quick nap on the couch myself while the boys watched football. 

My MIL said this was her favorite moment of the whole weekend. Post nap snuggles. He sat like this for probably 10 minutes and she was in Heaven. She said it reminded her of holding my husband when he was a baby. 

Late afternoon Kristian and his dad decided to take the boat out and fish. We debated taking Hunter out but we weren't sure of his reaction and the boys really wanted to spend some time fishing so we decided to pass on the trip. But we did let him check out PaPa's boat before they left. He was completely fascinated by it and all the buttons. 

Hunter is now the 4th Generation of men in the family to be on that boat.

After the boat left Hunter kept saying "Bye Bye Dada Boat". And continued to refer to it as "dada's boat" everytime he saw it.
While the boys fished we took Hunter on a walk around the neighborhood and he got to meet some of his grandparents neighbors. My MIL said she loved showing him off.

That evening we ate dinner and watched football. Hunter can now lift his arms and say "Touchdown" so he's ready for football season. In the past he's never slept well but this weekend, he slept great, he went to bed without any issues and slept fine throughout the night. He slept on a crib sized mattress (minus the actual crib) on the floor between two full beds in one of the bedrooms. Then Kristian and I each slept in one of the beds on either side so if he did decide to climb on one of the beds in the middle of the night we would be there. Even though he went to bed about 45 minutes later than normal he still woke up at 6:30am. Guess he was excited to play with his grandparents again.

Everyone thinks Hunter looks like his Grandpa and I tend to agree.
One benefit of getting up early is the beautiful sunrise over the water. It's so peaceful early in the morning. Definitely one of the best times to be there. 

Hunter and Nana once again checked out the sand and rocks and even watched as the ducks came swimming to shore.

We left around 10am and had another easy drive home. Hunter and I both napped a bit in the car and we spent the rest of Sunday grocery shopping, watching football and just hanging out.
I really think Hunter loves the beach house and I think next summer he'll get even more enjoyment out of going down there.


KatiePerk said...

What a fun trip! I love the beach.

Joseph-Dolores Poliakon said...

We enjoyed your wonderful reporting and sharing of your recreational End Of Summer Beach Trip. Morning twilight is our favorite time of the day…Great sunrise snapshot.

Fiona said...

Aww looks like such a great trip! Love all the photos :) Hunter is getting so big.. and such a little boy!!