Friday, September 20, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!
This week has just dragged. And I have a fairly busy weekend ahead.
1. As I mentioned on Wednesday daycare has lost two of Hunters shirts. They told me today that if they don't find them by Monday they would reimburse us the cost (i.e. take it off of our tuition fee). I'm still annoyed but at least they are doing something to rectify the situation. The teacher apologized over and over and swore it wouldn't happen again. We'll see.
2. Yesterday I went to Target to buy a birthday present for my friends son's 3rd birthday party tomorrow. I also bought a few baby clothes since she's due to have a little girl next month. I know people always say that girl clothes are cuter than boy clothes, and maybe it was just the Target I went to, but I wasn't impressed. I actually had a tough time finding something I liked. Now the boy clothes I could have shopped for all day. Maybe I'm just used to it but I love boy clothes.
3. Speaking of lost items, I ordered a pair of boots from Target a few weeks ago, I received an email saying they delivered on Saturday. Well I have everything sent to my work and nothing was there. I called Target and the lady told me that the delivered meant UPS delivered to the post office that would actually be delivering it to me and I should get it in ANOTHER 5-10 days. I've never heard of this before.  I then get an email asking me to review the product which leads me to believe that they think I should have it already as well? I'm giving it until next week and then I will call again and ask for a refund.

4. I think I've figured out why Hunter has been waking up so early lately. Every morning the bus comes to pick up the high schoolers around 6-6:15am and we can always hear the Beep Beep from it. Even though Hunter has a noise machine in his room I know he hears the Beep Beep and it wakes him up. The kid is OBSESSED with buses and seems to have supersonic hearing for the beeps. Whenever I go into his room his first word is "bus".

5. One of the houses a few doors up just sold and if they got the price they were asking then that means good things for our home value. The other house was asking $50K more than we paid (we bought it as a foreclosure, hence the good deal) and with our updates and better view of the water I think we could get even more than they got. Not that we are planning on selling anytime soon but it's good to know. 


Brittney said...

Wow! The school bus comes at 6?! That's a great incentive to learn how to drive. ;)

Nat said...

I've noticed recently that a lot of my packages go from ups to my post office and then to me. It's weir and relatively new im not sure why they're doing it. That's good that Hunter's daycare is willing to reimburse you if they don't find the shirts- it is annoying they lost them in the first place

Venassa said...

High school kids get on the bus at 6am?! Those poor teenagers. I got on the bus around 7:30-8am. I'm glad the daycare is at least going to give you money for the lost clothing. I'm sure now that they realize how annoyed you were, they'll go out of your way to not let it happen again.

Heather said...

It's so cute that Hunter loves buses that much. Great news about the home values in your neighborhood, too!

Stephanie said...

I love how cute Hunter has looked in his fall clothes. I personally like boy clothes more than girl clothes, too. I think they are my practical, as well.

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

what? bus pickup at 6am?! dang, that's early.

and it's good that the daycare is giving your $ back; some wouldn't even care!

Vodka and Soda

princess apr said...

I never cared for Target for clothes. I bought all my clothes at Old Navy, Baby Gap and Carter's. I love little dresses, but I hate little tights. Nothing is cuter than sweater vests. I get all my nephews sweater vests. They're so cute.

Our kid has been losing her own things at school. It took 2 weeks but I got everything back finally.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Okay I order stuff online all the time and have never heard of that before. That's just weird.