Friday, September 6, 2013

Five on Friday

T.G.I to the freakin F
Why do short weeks always seem so long? 
Here are the 5 things on my mind this Friday:
-I'm thrilled that my alma mater ECU has won it's first two football games! Next week they play my husband's alma mater VA Tech. Typically they lose this game but I actually feel confident this year and Kristian is actually worried. Love it!
-I think we've decided on Hunter's Halloween costume this year but I'm keeping it under wraps for now because...well it's more fun that way. I will give two clues- it's not store bought and like last year our dog Moxie will have a costume that corresponds with Hunters costume.
-This morning, for the first time, I actually used the gas rewards I had earned from our grocery store when filling up and saved $.50/gallon! Not sure why I haven't done this before (yes I do, laziness) but now that I drive an SUV I need to save money on gas anyway I can.
-I'm excited for Fall shows to start back up, especially Scandal (favorite show), Revenge (started to suck but the finale drew me back in) and Glee (I'm interested to see how they will deal with Corey/Finn's death).
-Funny story- we always ask Hunter what sound something makes ex: "What sound does a dog make?" and the other night Kristian asked him "What sound does mama make" and his response was to put his finger to his mouth and say "Shhhh". So apparently I do that a lot...not that he ever listens to me.


Brittany said...

I am catching up on Revenge right now (so son't tell me the end), I love the show but there is just so much going on it can get hard to keep up with it and remember everything!

Nat said...

I need to catch up on Revenge- I cannot wait for shows to come back either. I always use the gas rewards from Safeway and I one time saved $1.00 to the gallon!! It was freaking amazing, I got gas for under $3 a gallon.

Ann said...

Love the sound that mom makes...that is hilarious!! I too am excited for fall only I am excited to get to wear cute boots again! Hee

Kathryn said...

I want to watch Scandal!! Need to find Season 1 and start it! Love Revenge!! Happy Friday!!

Fiona said...

Yep, short weeks always do seem the longest. Odd! I guess because we expect them to go quickly?! Who knows! Glad the weekend has arrived for you now though.

Yay for fall shows!! Can't wait!