Friday, October 16, 2009


First I need to start off by saying that the Caps game last night was Awesome! Our seats were amazing, we could feel the vibrations coming off the glass as they slammed each other into the walls. It was prime viewing for their 4-1 WIN over San Jose! Now we're spoiled and will have a hard time going to more games and sitting in the non VIP seats. Sigh. When we got home I pulled the game up on DVR and we got a kick out of seeing ourselves on t.v. Unfortch my camera decided to completely die on me when I took it out to take some pics so I was forced to take all pictures on Kristian's cell phone. And now I need to add a new camera to my list for Santa this year.

In wedding news we made some progress on several items:

-Thanks to my mom and her timeshare we now have our hotel room booked for the night before and night of our wedding. I will be staying in the room Friday night and getting ready there Saturday. Kristian will join me Saturday night to consummate our marriage. Oh Yeah! The action will be taking place at The Lorien Hotel and Spa in Old Town Alexandria approximately 5 miles from where the wedding will be. I'm waiting to hear back from the coordinator there about reserving some rooms for our guests.

-This Sunday we will be going to register at Crate and Barrel. Finally a fun wedding planning activity that won't cost us any money! I've been excited about registering since we got engaged (actually long before then but that's neither here nor there). C&B is actually hosting an event from 9-11am on Sunday for all couples to come and register before the store opens to the public. They will have breakfast food and their consultants available for help. We also plan to register at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I may post the links in case anyone feels like sending us a wedding gift :)

-I've scheduled our first cake tasting with a potential baker. This is probably the thing I'm second most excited about behind registering. I love love love cake and can't wait to wait to taste all the yummy goodness. Our appointment is Nov. 1 so this will help wash down all our Halloween candy :)

-Colleen and I have a date to look at bridesmaid dresses again in Nov. I was able to find the strapless dress that we loved at another store for $40 cheaper. HOLLA! So I figure we can go to that store see what else they have and if we don't spot something else we'll go ahead and order that grey strapless one (in black).

-After looking at the pricing for flowers (which is ridiculous! Hello, they die in a few days!)Kristian's mom and aunt graciously offered to do our centerpieces themselves. They plan to buy the flowers wholesale to save money. K's mom also scored all the necessary equpiment needed to put the centerpieces together for free from a friend who use to be a florist!! All I need to do is book the florist we found to do the bouquets and ceremony arrangments. This will save us a LOT of money and since I wasn't looking for overly ornate or complicated arrangments it shouldn't be too hard to do, just time consuming. Here are some pictures I found on The Knot of ideas I like. I like smaller, simpler arrangements of one or two types of flowers and also LOVE the idea of using lots of candles.

I think that about covers it for now. Happy Weekend!


Christin said...

I'm staying at our hotel on Friday night with my mom! It will be much more convenient to be there the night before!

Oh and I haven't started looking into flower prices. Honestly, flowers are flowers to me. They're all pretty. But my mom wants flower overload at our wedding, so I think she will be in shock at the price of what she wants. We shall see! :) Have a great weekend!

bananas. said...

that's actually a really cute picture you took with k's phone. you look like true hockey fans.

i'm happy that you're wedding plans seem to be falling in place. see, why stress? haha.

have a fabulous weekend!!!

Lacey Bean said...

We have a family friend doing flowers too! She's a florist, but is going to do them for SO cheap. I can't wait. I had a friend do centerpieces like the first picture you show, it looked really pretty!

KLaw said...

So glad you had fun at the game. Isn't it addicting? Something about the men all hot and schweaty beating each other up... YUM!

Glad you're making progress with the wedding stuff! I can't wait to see it all come together.

Annie said...

sounds like your plans are coming along nicely :) you are on top of everything girly!!

glad you had fun at the hockey game!!

have fun registering this weekend!!

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

Apparently everything's perfect!!! And cake tasting??? Please invite me.. LOL!!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Thats such a cute picture!!

Sooo glad all the wedding stuff is coming together, sounds like you have such an amazing family as does he! YAY!

Happy Weekend lover!

Marian said...

Seriously...I can't wait for the cake tasting part!! Nom nom nom. And I totally agree about the flowers. Parts of me just want to go and buy the flowers and make my own arrangements as well.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

Kristin said...

I absolutely loved my registry experience with C&B! Their customer service is outta this world! My Mom and cousins made my centerpiece arrangements and they turned out just fabulous!