Wednesday, October 21, 2009


One thing I've noticed in this whole wedding-planning process is that everyone has a checklist for you. There are checklists of ALL of the items that need to be done in order to plan your most perfect day (note the sarcasm), checklists for ALL of the items you MUST register for (again with the sarcasm) and the checklists for ALL of the interview questions you must drill each potential vendor with. It's a bit ridiculous in my opinion.

When I log into my account on The Knot I have 324 items left to do and 55 items that are overdue. Say WHAAA??? So I decided to look back over some of the items that are on their checklist some of which include:

-Item #1-Begin envisioning your wedding ...uh I started doing this around age 5. Done and Done. -Contact newspapers to announce your people still do that? I announced it via Facebook. Done.
-Make sure your maid of honor and best man are aware of what you expect of them -- providing a list of their duties will've got to be shitting me. Their "duty" is to show up on time and look pretty. Done.

The best part of these checklists are when they tell you when you should start thinking about doing something and then again when they tell you that you should now actually do it. No wonder their checklist has over 300 items. It's enough to make anyone want to elope!

Also amusing was the checklist we got from C&B when we went to register on Sunday. It listed all the items that we couldn't possibly live without and had to put on our registry. These items included:

-12-14 Champagne Flutes
-12-14 Red/White Wine Glasses
-12-14 Dessert Wine Glasses
-6-8 Martini Glasses
-6-8 Margarita Glasses
-6-8 Beer Mugs
-6-8 Pilsner Glasses

Ummm are we opening up a bar out of our condo that I don't know about???

Let's not forget:

-The Waffle Maker
-Ice Cream Maker
-Rice Cooker
-Electric Water Boiler (What the HELL is THAT?)
-Espresso Machine

Seriously?! First of all, who has the storage space for all this stuff? Not I. And really how often are you going to use the Ice Cream Maker or Electric Water Boiler (again, What the HELL is THAT?)

I am not Marth Stewart and will not be hosting 20 person dinner parties on the regular where I will need to be breaking out my Bone China. In fact we are not even registering for China (the horror!!!), I think our guests can eat just as easily off of our everyday dinner plates. I apologize in advance to my future guests but that's just how we roll.

I'm sure there are those couples out there that will follow these checklists to a tee in order to ensure a perfect marriage but I can tell you that our marriage will be just as solid if we forego registering for a Salad Spinner.


Brittney said...

Thank you SO MUCH for the laughs (I really enjoyed the sarcasm) =)

bananas. said...

ughhh! wedding planning sounds HORRIBLE! i like your style though. forget the little silly details and anal checklists, it all comes down to the marriage. you will have a beautiful wedding, i'm sure. don't worry that you're not a bridezilla...yet ;) haha.

KLaw said...

Those checklists are terribly overwhelming and make you feel like one giant asshole for not following them to the T. Eff it.

Elizabeth Marie said...

WTF is an electric water boiler?

Pretty sure if you have a stove, you're set. JUUUUUST SAYIN.

The Knot and sites like that prob get paid lots of money by stores to give you brides to be heart attacks!

It's going to be fabulous, rice cooker or NOT!

Alicia said...

seriously!! thats crazy! and you know what...we have an ice cream maker thats been sitting in our garage for almost A YEAR!! unopen!! it was a gift unasked for gift :)

Kym said...

i'm a checklists kinda girl but i think that'd overwhelm me!!! haha! besides, those lists aren't always the best to follow. for example for my brother and bff's upcoming wedding, they followed a list that said groomsmen should get their fitting 6-8 months before the wedding... so all the boys got up early one morning to go for their fitting only to get there and be given a weird look and told it's too early in the process! haha!

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

jajajajajaja OMMGGG electric water boiler, I'm intrigued!!!

Collins said...

Good luck with the checklists. Just make sure to have fun with it!

Annie said...

that is just crazy!! i wouldn't even have anywhere to store half that stuff! i already have a full kitchen.
i wouldn't worry so much about the little things. i have to say i've been engaged for a while and don't have a single thing figured out for my wedding ;) it sounds too stressful to me! hehe

Lacey Bean said...

I stopped paying attention to the Knot and their list of "to-do's" when I saw the words "ice sculptures" on there. No sir. And I didnt even pay attention to those recommended lists from C&B. Half that crap? Are you kidding me?