Friday, October 30, 2009

Bulletpoint Friday

--My engagement pictures finally posted online!!! I've been literally stalking my photographer and their website all week, it's been almost embarassing. I was told on Wednesday they were posted but then discovered their website crashed and was down until this morning. Go figure! However I finally saw them and I LOVE them! Out of the 103 pics there are definitely a good handful that I really really like. Unfortch I can't pull the pics off the website to post but we are getting them sent to us on a DVD which I should be able to pull from. In the meantime if anyone is just DYING to see them let me know and I'll email you the link and password.

--Kristian's car is finally fixed after our debacle from last weekend. Turns out it wasn't the transmission (THANK GOD) but only a blown sparkplug. Af first the shop said the car was fine...isn't that typical, it never makes the noises once you take it in to the repair shop...but he insisted they keep looking and they found the spark plug issue. So it only turned out to be a $200 repair which is a LOT less than it would have been if it turned out to be the transmission like he had thought.

--We have our first cake tasting on Sunday. So excited!

--Looks like we'll be going on a honeymoon after all thanks to some planning from Kristian and my oldest brother. Once all the reservations are booked I'll give more detail. I don't want to jinx anything but if it all works out we'll be going somewhere AWESOME!

--This weekend we will be celebrating Halloween with my old roommate/bridesmaid who is throwing a small Halloween/Housewarming party. We probably won't be dressing up though b/c we are super lame...and broke.

Happy Halloween!!!


Marian said...

I hear you on the super broke bit. All money I have goes to wedding related activties, or at least I try to remmind myself:)

YAY for engagement pictures!! SOOO EXCITING!!!

And honestly, I can't wait till we get to the point where we can discuss honeymoon. We all need a little vacation after the biggest party of our lives, right;)

Hope you have a fabulous weekend

Annie said...

once you get the DVD you will have to post some pics!! how exciting! :)
yay for the car being fixed and thankfully it wasn't anything major!!
YIPEE for the honeymoon! so glad you guys are getting that all figured out! after all this planning you are going to need the relaxing time together!
have a great weekend sweets!! XO!

bananas. said...

cannot WAIT to see your engagement pictures!!! YAY!!!

so happy the car problem was not a biggie. i mean 200 is still a pair of shoes and jeans but not a lot in car fixing money. lol.

have a fabulous halloween! what happened to the dominatrix outfit idea? i've been DYING to see it!

Ela said...

So glad it won't cost a ton - what a relief!
Can't wait to see the pics and here more on the honeymoon plans - eek! It's all coming together, I'm just so happy for you, hon.

Brittney said...

I know what you mean about the engagement photos! I was stalking our photogs website for about a week too! lol And then I managed to "unlock" a couple of the photos early ;) lol... I'm a regularly little hacker! =)

I also wanted to say ditto on the honeymoon! I'm SUPER excited about our honeymoon (almost more so than the actual wedding! lol) but I don't want to post about it yet until the flight is booked 'cause then I KNOW it's gonna happen (even though we already have the accommodations booked... I'm just a little superstitious!)

Elizabeth Marie said...

OHHHHH can't WAIT to see the pictures!!! And so glad the car and honeymoon worked out...yay lady, things are looking GOOD!

Not dressing up is totes the new cool thing to do, HIGH FIVE! :)

LiLu said...

Congrats on the pictures!!! Can't wait to see them ;-)

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

This lil' post is full of exciting news lady! YAY for the pics, and the car.. and hellowwwww HONEYMOON!!! I'm dying to know where