Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Shout-outs

A few shout-outs for my Friday morning:

-Shout out to The Office and especially my love Jim Halpert for an excellent wedding episode. Not quite what I expected but overall I loved it. All I have to say is Jim + "Plan A" = *swoon*

-Shout out to one of my favorite bloggie friends Ela for this fabulous award she bestowed upon me:

I will pass this on to other lovely ladies that keep me entertained:
Patty Ann
Kristen Sara

-BIG Shout Outs to one of the sweetest and most stylish chicks I know Liz for picking me as the winner in her awesome Mandizzle Giveaway!!! Thanks to Liz and Mandi I will be sporting this fabulous piece during my wedding reception, once the veil comes off and I'm ready to drop it like it's hot.

To quote Liz "I die".

-Finally special shout out to my future mother in law who has been so incredibly helpful and generous this week with the wedding planning. I will give a more detailed update next week on the progress we've made.

Happy Weekend!!!!


KLaw said...

A. the wedding? So friggin great! How funny about Kevin's tissue box shoes? I loved every second of it.

B. SOOO glad you won! Friggin awesome. Its a beaut!

C. Have a great weekend!

Ela said...

Thanks for the shoutout honey! Feeling is oh so mutual :)
Congrats on winning, it'll be so fabulous on you!!! You must do a post with you wearing it ok?
Happy weekend, hon!

LiLu said...

Awww, thank you so much! And congrats to YOU! :-)

bananas. said...

YEEEEAAAA!!! you so deserve that win lady. i was so stoked that liz picked you!

the wedding was amazing...i loved it. have a fabulous weekend!

Patty Ann said...

super awesome! and thank you, i feel so special today.

~KS said...

Awww... thanks!! How sweet!!
And I was sooooo happy to see you won that amazing giveaway... that piece is to die for!!

Elizabeth Marie said...


I was so happy you won, Matt did good! :) And heck yes, keep on emailin me love it, love you to pieces!

I am on pins and needles about the Office. It took all my strength not to watch it last night!!! AHHHHHH!!!

Annie said...

how awesome that you won!! YAY for you!!!
love the office ;)
& i think it's so cute how liz uses all zoe's sayings ;)
thanks for passing the award onto me :) you are too sweet!!
hope you have a great weekend hun!

Gracie said...

Congrats on the award! I love that hairpiece. Can't wait to see your wedding update.

Kristin said...

Congrats!!! I'm still trying to decide which Dizz I want to order. : )

Llama said...

Congrats girlie! You rock!