Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The "kids"

First off I want to thank everyone who commented on my post the other day about the honeymoon drama. I appreciate everyone's suggestions. I'm sure we'll figure something out, even if it means just going to his parents beach house for a few days and taking a bigger trip for our anniversary. In fact my friend Spanky and her husband are on their honeymoon trip this week and they got married last November. Morgan actually surprised her with a vow renewal on the beach. How cute is that?! The important thing is that I get to marry my bestest friend and that's all I'm really focusing on, any trips we may get to take are just gravy on top.

Since my last post was a bit of downer I decided to make this one a bit uplifting and add some cuteness to my posts. Here are some of the latest pictures we've taken of our "fur children" It's amazing how much joy they bring into our lives. They make us laugh on a daily basis.

(Our "demon" cats)

(Halpert loves to help unload the groceries)

(Where's Wendal?)

(sidenote my sororities mascot was the Panda, hence the collection)


bananas. said...

aw what would life be without our fur babies? nothing, that's what.

how about a world without kids? now we're talking!!! haha. i kid.

hope you're having a fabulous day! and btw i love my new gifts thanks to you!

KLaw said...

The fur babies are the best aren't they? That picture of Wendall is so damn cute. You literally almost can't see him!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Awww yay for fur babies. Dude I could barely see Wendall, seriously. I am losing it.

bananas. said...

dominatrix...was this a costume something you had lying around or was it for halloween? lol.

Collins said...

ha! love the last picture. precious.

Ela said...

LOL, it's like camo for cute.

Our cat used to do the bag thing too, I was always so scared he'd strangle himself, of course he never did :)

Yay for fur babies!