Wednesday, October 28, 2009

He said what?!

Yesterday I finally received some boots I had ordered via Target. I had been on the hunt for some new brown boots since my current pair were literally falling apart. I couldn't find any that I truly loved (at least not in my price range) but I finally settled on these:

They arrived yesterday and I think they are pretty cute. So today I decided to wear them with my dark, skinny jeans tucked inside. I'm standing in front of the mirror and Kristian looks at me and says "You look like Robin Hood"! I stayed silent for about 30 seconds and responded curtly "Thank you"

A few minutes later he follows me into the kitchen and while I pack my breakfast this exchange takes place:

Him "You look really cute today"
Me "Yes I look like Robin Hood"
Him "Yeah but a cute Robin Hood"


Other amusing exchanges we've had:

Scene- Him giving me a massage including my ass
Me- "That hurts"
Him- "Well it's your sciatic (sp?) nerve, if done right it should feel awesome"
Me- "Well then you're not doing it right because it DOES. NOT. FEEL. AWESOME."

Scene- Watching So You Think You Can Dance and me pointing to an obviously gay fellow
Me- "So do you think that guy is gay?"
Him- "No, I'm sure he likes to watch football and hunt"

Scene- Watching one of his fishing shows together and as the host is reeling in a huge fish I ask:
Me- "Is there anything you wouldn't want to catch?"
Him- "AIDS"


And that is a glimpse into our strange little relationship.


Anonymous said...

Oh god. Econo Man does the same thing with massages! He keeps insisting that it's supposed to feel really good when someone presses on my sciatic nerve. It. Does. Not. Feel. Good. Where do men learn this stuff?

Alicia said...

haaa! i think all men use it as an excuse to cop a feel! lol...but i love the random guys are too cute!

Annie said...

haha! sounds like you have a comedian on your hands ;)
the boots are really cute! i've seen them at target! i'd love to own them as well!

bananas. said...

LOVE IT!!! and that is why you two are getting MARRRRIIEEEED!!! haha.

these little convos are so cute...the one about robon hood cracked me up! that would've ruined it for me. but i still think the boots are cute! rock on little lady!

april said...

Cute boots! Rob said I look "thicker" in a top I bought like 5 years ago. I threw the shirt away. He was like "what? it didn't look bad, you just look better in other things".

I'm contemplating getting new boots now, but the price is killing me.

Brittney said...

This absolutely made my day! lol My fiance and I are a lot like this too... though, I can't think of an appropriate example right now. lol Thanks so much for the morning laugh =)

KLaw said...

Those are pretty good. ha ha ha ha!

Love the boots!

Ela said...

I love it.

LOL, I just saw one of my post pics in boots and I thought "Peter Pan"...I'd say Robin Hood is a step up :) Love the boots, babe. And yes, you'd be the cutest RH ever :)

Elizabeth Marie said...

AWWWWW!! My ex called me Robin Hood in my boots too! Guys just don't GET IT! They are fabulous! And um dying over

"No, I'm sure he likes to watch football and hunt."

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

What is it with guys, boots and robin hood??!??? I've heard that too!

But he's really funny... "AIDS" JA!