Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Kids

Kristian and I are the proud parents of two furry, four legged cats. Wendal (the black and white cat) is 11 years old. Kristian got him as just a kitten back when he was in college. Yeah a college fraternity boy adopting a kitten is a little strange I admit, but he loves animals and a dog can be a lot of work for someone whose single. Cats are far more independent. Now that Wendal has earned his senior citizen status he spends most of his time sleeping and isn't quite as active as I'm sure he was back in his younger years.

This leads me to Halpert who is the one year old kitten that I adopted almost exactly 1 year ago. I got him right before meeting Kristian after I had resigned myself to the fact that I would probably never get married and accepted my future as the crazy cat lady. Turns out my new little kitten must have been my good luck charm because I met my future husband exactly one month later! I knew that Kristian was a keeper when he came over to my place for the first time and instead of bringing me flowers or wine he brought a toy for my cat. I guess he took me seriously when I said that I couldn't date a guy that my cat didn't approve of.

It was a rocky start to the boys relationship. Halpert being a kitten wanted to play all the time and jump on poor Wendal who just wanted some peace and quiet. There were many nights we were woken up to the sound of hissing and meowing and we often wondered if our cats could learn to love one another.

Well here we are several months later and the boys are now as close as brothers. They are always in the same room together, sleep on the guest room bed together and Wendal will actually even play with Halpert every now and again. They are two of the most entertaining cats and we love them dearly. Not mention they are great practice for our future kids.


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