Thursday, June 18, 2009

Work getting in the way of wedding planning

Work has just exploded on me this week. I go through highs and lows when it comes to my workload. For some reason my clients always seem to be on the same schedule so rather than dealing with them one at a time they all end up needing me the same week. For instance last week I was twirling my thumbs at my desk and watching the minutes tick off on the clock on my computer and this week I'm so busy my head feels like it will explode!

But back to the issue at hand, I hate when work gets in the way of wedding planning. Rather than dealing with clients that have no idea what they are doing and like to make my life harder I would rather just immerse myself in all things wedding and browse over all the lovely wedding porn that's out there. Why can't I just win the lottery, quit my job and spend my days planning this wedding extravaganza? Okay, extravaganza might be exaggerating a bit.

Right now I'm in the process of trying to book a caterer and a photographer, neither of which will be cheap and the hit that our bank account is going to take makes me tear up a bit. But I keep reminding myself that our guests deserve a nice meal and we deserve beautiful pictures to look at 50 years from now. Currently I've been reviewing pricing from R&R Catering as well as a few others. Their menus always make me hungry and I can't wait to do some tastings. We're having an initial consultation with them in July.

I've also gotten pricing from two photographers Joseph Allen and Classic Creations Photography . I had a very nice long phone conversation with Joseph Allen the other night and we have a consultation setup with Classic Creations for next week. So it's slowly coming together. I just want to get these vendors booked so that I can start focusing on the smaller details.

Between work being insane this week, still trying to move all my stuff into Kristian's and trying to find wedding vendors I'm a bit stressed right now. Hopefully everything will clear up over the next few weeks and then I can actually take the time to enjoy the summer and start doing some fun weekend activities that don't involve weddings or moving.

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