Friday, June 26, 2009


I can't believe one of the greatest musical legends of my lifetime died yesterday. With as weird and controversial as he was Michael Jackson was still an amazing entertainer whose music will continue to influence people who have yet to be born. I can't help but feel like a piece of my childhood died yesterday. As a child of the 80's you couldn't grow up without listening to his music. I remember putting our Thriller cassette tape into my Cricket doll (remember those?) and watching as the the Cricket doll's mouth would move along to Beat It and Thriller. It would crack me up. I also remember being scared to death of the Thriller music video and having to leave the room every time it would come on MTV and my brother's insisted on watching it. And finally I remember my junior year of high school being on the Pom Squad and winning the State Championship competition due in part to the awesome use of the Thriller song and dance routine during the novelty portion. It really is a shame to think of all the great music he probably had left inside him. I hope wherever he ended up he's finally at peace.

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