Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Vendor Interview #1

Last night K and I met with a potential photographer, actually we met with two photographers (a husband and wife team) from Classic Creations Photography . Our meeting with Rob and Jenn went very well. They were both very nice and answered all our questions and the albums they brought had some really nice shots. They asked us many questions ranging from the size of our bridal party to what we are looking for in a photographer.

We went through their price list which is totally customizable and determined that we probably just need the most basic package which includes two photographers for 8 hours, Web hosting so that our family and friends and can see and order prints, a Hi Res DVD with all our pictures (and the option to print them elsewhere) and 20 Prints. The pricing for this package seemed pretty reasonable and close to what I've seen for only having one photographer. They also seemed very flexible as far as the schedule for the day and the types of shots we would want. They shoot more of the documentary style that we both prefer. They also had really good reviews on wedding wire which is my go to place before booking any vendor.

We also discussed doing an engagement shoot and their pricing for that was also pretty reasonable in comparison to what I've seen elsewhere. We discussed the possibility of taking the pictures down at his parents beach house which is about two hours away. K was the one that made that suggestion and I immediately loved the idea and couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it before. There would be a ton of great shots that we could get down there on the pier or the beachy area behind the house. And since we plan to keep that house in the family for a long time to come it would be great to have some of those shots hanging in the house 50 years from now.

I still want to look around a bit more and see what some other options are for photographers but I think these two could definitely end up being the ones we go with. Hopefully we'll be able to decide within the next few weeks and have one more big item checked off the to-do list.


RCaitlin said...

So jealous. I want beach engagement shots...I just have to get engaged and back to the beach first haha. Hope they go well!

Christin said...

Picking a photographer was one of the first things we did! Photos are so important to us. Good luck with the search!