Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I just got the best surprise at work...a bonus check! Yippee! This is the second bonus check I've gotten this year and the third overall since I started working here in October. We are very fortunate that despite the economy and the downsizing of a lot of our competitors, that we are actually doing very well and continuing to bring in a decent profit. It also helps that I work at a very small company so they are able to reward us with any excess profits that we bring in each quarter. So despite all the bitching and moaning I do every morning when I have to crawl out of my super comfy bed next to my super cute fiance, I am very grateful to not only have a job but one that pays me well and even provides bonus checks. In this economy I know how incredibly rare that is!

So as with my last bonus check this money will be going into the slowly growing wedding fund and now when I go dress shopping again this weekend I may actually be able to afford to buy one!

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april said...

Awesome! Congratulations! I love surprise bonus checks. Good luck with the wedding dress shopping. Can't wait to see the final dress.