Friday, June 26, 2009

Into the Wild

I will have the place to myself this weekend while K is off camping with his buddies. He invited me to go along and was quite disappointed when I turned down the offer. I'm not opposed to the idea of camping but not for two days in 95 degree heat. Besides he'll have much more fun hanging out with his boys drinking, fishing and scratching their male parts.

I will be spending the next few days cleaning the condo, finishing up the unpacking and going back to my apartment and cleaning there before turning in my keys next week. I also will be going dress shopping again! Tomorrow I'm going shopping up in MD with my mom and my bridesmaid Kelli to the store where she bought her wedding dress. On Sunday I have another appointment at a shop in Leesburg VA with my mom. I'm hoping that I will finally be able to find one and go ahead and get that order placed.

My office closed early today so I was able to start my weekend at 2pm. Even though I was able to leave early I just missed K before he took off with his friends but I came home to discover that not only had he cleaned the kitchen (good boy!) but also left me this cute little note on the bed. He's so sweet!


Note says-
I <3 You
Have a good weekend
c u Sunday
Have fun dress shopping
Love Kristian


Alicia said...

he cleaned for you?! how romantic....sigh...

RCaitlin said...

Aww I love when my BF leaves me little notes. He always cleans too which is really nice :).