Monday, June 22, 2009

The Big Move

I was finally able to finish moving all my stuff into K's condo this weekend. We rented a budget moving truck on Saturday and had my friend JD come and help us move the furniture and the few boxes I still had in the apartment. Overall it went fairly smooth and didn't take too long despite that we had to move in the rain. I actually didn't really mind and found it quite refreshing. And of course the moment we finished unloading at the condo the skies cleared and the rain stopped. Oh well. I then treated the boys to lunch and spent the rest of the day trying to unpack/organize.

Yesterday we made our way over to Ikea to look for the pantry/cabinet that we wanted for the kitchen. We've both been avoiding the Ikea near our house because it's massively large and a tad overwhelming. Fortunately it didn't take us too long to find something that we liked and that was reasonably priced. It's a nice wood cabinet with 3 shelves that is painted white and fits perfectly in the spot we wanted. I was then able to clean out all the cabinets and reorganize everything and finally get the counters cleared off. I absolutely love the kitchen now. The great thing about the cabinet is that even if we eventually move into a larger place (God willing) and don't need it for the kitchen it could still be used in either an office or maybe even a kids room to hold their toys. Yes I know, I'm getting ahead of myself :)

The only things left to do are to go back to my old apartment and prime the three walls I had painted, clean, vacuum and get out the few miscellaneous items I left there. We also have a number of boxes piled in the guest room of the stuff I want to try to sell at a yard sale in a few weeks. Hopefully we can make some extra cash to go into the wedding fund. Otherwise we'll be making a big deposit at the salvation army.

It's definitely been a bit of a challenge at times trying to merge all of our stuff together and decide how we want to redecorate but it's been a great learning process and practice in compromise and I'm starting to really feel at home at his...our place :)

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Jaz said...

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