Friday, June 5, 2009

Visions of White

This Sunday my mother and I are going dress shopping...yes we will be shopping for THE dress. I am so excited. The only time I have ever tried on an actual wedding dress was when I was younger and I use to play dress up in my moms. She never cared since her and my dad were divorced so any sentimentality she had for the dress had long since disappeared.

It was really important for me to have my mother with me on at least the first trip to try on dresses. I know that most mother's dream of the day their little girl will grow up and get married and seeing them in a wedding dress is a huge milestone. Since I'm not expecting to decide on a dress on my first trip out (even if I do find one I love) I do plan to go shopping again hopefully with one or more of my friends. There is a store in Frederick, MD where my friend Kelli got her wedding dress that I want to check out, unfortunately they aren't open on Sunday's which was the only day my mom was free. Hopefully I will be able to get up there one Saturday and have Kelli go with me. It's always nice to have someone whose been through this already there to give advice. I also want to try to go shopping down in NC where my matron of honor lives. I think I have better odds of finding an affordable dress down there than I do in the DC area.

My mom and I decided to go check out David's Bridal this weekend. There is a large one about 30 minutes away and I figured that could be a good starting point for the dress hunt. I went online and actually found three dresses that I'm interested in trying on:

Style CT2406 (minus the red sash)
Style: CT2406

Style VW9469
Style: VW9469

Style T9658
Style: T9658

Right now what I'm interested in is a dress with a strapless (preferably sweetheart) neckline, A-line/Full skirt, and lace. For some reason I continue to be drawn to pictures of lace dresses. However I reserve the right to completely change my mind once I see how these look on me. For all I know I could end up with a satin, halter neck, full sequined, mermaid style dress...though I highly doubt it.

I've waited my whole life to find someone to marry and be able to try on/buy a wedding dress. I've been picking them out since I was around the age of 5 so I suspect Sunday is going to be a very exciting yet surreal experience and I'm so excited to have my mom there with me to do it.


april said...

Oh, can you try on the satin, halter neck, full sequined, mermaid style dress anyway? And take pictures? You HAVE to take pictures of the bad dresses on you to tease Kristian with. :) I took photos of every dress my sister tried on. Of course, it helped that she could buy off the rack. I'm sure you'll be like me where you have to do some heavy imagining of what the final altered piece will look like. How exciting! The dresses are all beautiful.

SG said...

Actually that's a fantastic idea! I should do that just to mess with him. The only problem is that he said he doesn't want to see pictures of me in ANY wedding dress (even the bad ones) so that he can be completely surprised on the wedding day. I have to admit that made me say "AWW"