Monday, October 21, 2013

Toddler Date Night

On Saturday our neighbors (the ones with the little girl that Hunter loves) invited us over for dinner. So after we finished our disastrous family photos (yeah, Hunter did NOT cooperate) we headed over for some steak and adult beverages.

She and Hunter have quickly turned into BFF's and get so excited to see each and play. Hunter went from having a massive meltdown and being a total pain in the butt during and after pictures to being a perfect angel at his buddy's house. The two kids not only played well together but sat at the little mini table and ate dinner together (well they each took about 3 bites). And the grownups got to sit and talk and laugh at our crazy kids. It was a great night all around except for the fact that even though Hunter went to bed over an hour past his bedtime he was still up bright and early before 7am on Sunday.

They actually share really well with each other. Hunter is very sweet with her.

First dinner date. My child of course digs right in and doesn't wait for his date to start eating. Oh well.
After dinner they spent about 45 minutes chasing each other through this tunnel. It was probably one of the happiest times I've ever seen my son have. They were both squealing and giggling and having a total blast.

Oh and this? Well this is a photo of my sons first kiss. When we were leaving I asked him to go give her a hug and he did but I didn't have my camera ready. So then I told him to giver he a kiss, thinking he would just kiss her on the cheek like he's done in the past. But no, not my child, he went for the full on lip kiss. And she leaned into it too! Her mother and I were dying over the cute. Her father on the other hand was ready to get his shotgun out. Fortunately a not even 2 year old boy is pretty harmless. Now in 15 years, that may be another story!


Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...


our friend's son has a huge crush on kayla. he follows her around and tries to hold her hand/hug her all the time it's adorable

Vodka and Soda

Venassa said...

So cute! I love watching toddlers that play well together. My daughter and step daughter are like that almost never :p

Kristen said...

So sweet!

Stephanie said...

Those pictures are precious!! Looks like he had a good time on his date, haha!

princess apr said...

Too cute!

Love the pictures. I feel like we've only had one successful family picture session. She never melted down, but we didn't get any good pictures either. Now she's a giant spotlight hog so it's not a problem. You're at a rough age for pictures. It'll get better in a year or so.

Amanda said...

How adorable!!!!!! Your son is going to be a ladies man for sure, if he isn't one already ;)

Heather said...

OMG, that is so cute, especially the kiss!

Hilary @ Peanut Butter Spoonfuls said...

This is so cute!! Glad you got his first kiss on camera.