Wednesday, October 30, 2013


This week I'm saying So What if:
-For the costume party at Hunters daycare tomorrow I'm having him wear his costume from last year which still fits him because I don't want him to get his real costume messed up before trick or treating.
-My 22 month old son's favorite show is Modern Family. He will only sit and watch a cartoon for 5 minutes but he will sit and watch an entire episode of Modern Family (they show reruns every night at 7pm). Probably not the most appropriate show for him but oh well.
-Watching an episode of Teen Mom reminded me that I needed to make my annual checkup appointment with my "lady parts doctor".
-I had to put our Halloween candy in the closet to keep from eating it...out of sight, out of mind.
-I still haven't finished the book (on Kindle) that I started during my vacation in August.

-I was a bit shocked and relieved when I got the rest of our family photo shoot pictures yesterday and saw that we actually got a handful of cute ones. With that said there are several "poses" I wish we could have gotten photos of, but trying to stage a picture with a wild toddler like mine is basically impossible.

-I'm excited to take Hunter trick or treating tomorrow, even though we only plan to go to a few houses on our street of people we know. I hope he doesn't get scared and actually says "trick or treat" like we've been practicing. 


Shannon said...

Taylor's daycare has TWO days of dressing up. OY. She wore her new costume today and tomorrow she'll wear some fairy stuff from her dress up trunk because, like you, I didn't want her getting her costume dirty and not having time to clean it.

Fiona said...

Can't wait to see Hunter in his official costume!!

Modern Family.. love that show. Kid has good taste ;)

Oh how I miss Halloween candy!! Lucky they don't have it here though or I'd be eating some right now.

Venassa said...

I haven't even made it halfway through the book I started on my Kobo in June. I fail at reading.
I'm excited for trick or treating with Chloe this year. We haven't taken her out at all before. We still need to work on the 'trick or treat' portion.