Wednesday, October 9, 2013


This week I'm saying So What if:
-I still don't know for sure what we are wearing for our family photos this weekend. I spent my entire drive home yesterday mentally going through all our closets. First world problems right?
-Even though they've started potty training Hunter at daycare this week I have no desire to do it at home. He already has a potty that he likes to sit on (fully clothed) but has never actually gone on it and I don't feel like pushing him since personally I don't think he's ready. If daycare is able to get him to actually go on a regular basis then I will probably start at home too.
-Kristian sweet talked the assistant director of the daycare into letting Hunter go yesterday even though he had had 3 diarrhea poops the day before and technically wasn't allowed back for 24 hours. But we both have SUPER busy weeks at work and he promised we would come get him if he had even one bad poop yesterday. And guess what he didn't! So it just proves that sometimes that 24 hour rule isn't necessary. We knew he wasn't actually sick. My kid just shits a lot sometimes.
-The last two nights instead of putting away laundry or something else productive after Hunter went to bed I also went to bed at 8:30pm. I haven't felt well, work is kicking my ass and all I've wanted to do is be lazy and lay in bed.
-I have an urge to cut all my hair off (okay maybe just to my shoulders) even though I know I will regret it later because I always regret it later.
-I finally used the vacuum seal bags I bought a while ago for some old comforters and old Hunter clothes and now I want to vacuum seal my whole house.
-I had wanted to go to the pumpkin patch this past weekend but decided not to because it was too damn hot and I didn't want us all to be wearing shorts in our pictures at the pumpkin patch. Again first world problems right?


Fiona said...

Still can't believe Hunter's daycare sends him home for that! Alidia has diarrhea a lot so I think she would get sent home all the time! Glad Kristian managed to convince them to let him back.

Going to bed at 8:30pm sounds heavenly. I keep trying to do this but never make it. Goal for tonight!!

Vacuum seal bags are so handy!! That's how we are storing Alidia's old clothes too.

Kristen said...

I always have the urge to cut my hair, then immediately regret it post cut too!

Those vacuum bags would be additive to me too...and would probably turn me into a hoarder, cause then I wouldn't get rid of ANYTHING!!

Stephanie said...

Hunter isn't the only boy who shits a lot. Every morning, like clockwork, Connor puts 30-45 minutes after having his first bottle. I wish everything in life was that predictable.

Heather said...

I know what you mean about the heat last weekend. We went out for a walk and were shocked at how humid and hot it was. It definitely feels like fall this week, though!