Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a very low key Easter this year.
We painted some eggs on Saturday but Hunter wasn't very interested. I'm hoping next year he'll be able to participate in some egg dyeing a little more.  
After I put him to bed on Saturday I the Easter Bunny put together his Easter basket.
Iced animal crackers, cinnamon animal crackers, a chocolate bunny (which Kristian will probably eat), some smoothie pouches, a new book, some flashcards and a little soccer ball (which Moxie has already destroyed. Sigh.)

Sunday morning I let him dig into his basket and it was a big hit. I had to let him dig into the animal crackers immediately.

We then got dressed to meet my mom for brunch. Hunter got to wear his first tie (which velcroed in the back) and looked like such a little man.

He basically freaked out when I took the paci out of his mouth for a couple of pictures with his bunny ears on. Is it wrong that these photos make me laugh? Poor guy. 

We got to the restaurant a bit early so we took a few pictures next door by a cute little gazebo. It was good thing we took some photos before brunch because he had food ALL over himself and his clothes afterwards (as I suspected would happen).

We had a very nice meal. All the waitresses commented on how cute Hunter looked with his tie on. After we got home he proceeded to take an almost 3 hour nap! I guess all the food along with seeing grandma really wore him out!. The rest of the day was spent playing and watching basketball with daddy. I'm hoping next year Hunter will be able to participate in an Easter egg hunt. We felt that he was still a bit too little this year and wouldn't really 'get it'.
I hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter.


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

What a handsome Easter Bunny you have! Love the tie!

Stephanie said...

He looks adorable in that tie! Lovely family and glad the Easter basket was a hit!

Lexilooo said...

love the tie with the bunny ears! they look like they match too!

Sean Marie said...

Dude, you're freakin' hot! GREAT photos! Love them all.

And love his Easter basket, great job!

Nessa said...

What handsome little guy! I love a little man in a tie. Any man in a tie really. I think I already said it on instagram but your family is just too gorgeous. You're making the rest of us look bad.
Next Easter will be a lot more fun. We just put a few plastic eggs scattered around the living room and the two girls picked them up and played with them for hours. Definitely a success in my books.

Fiona said...

Love the photos of him with the bunny ears on... and that shirt and tie!!! Could he be any more handsome?!? :)

Meagan said...

You guys looked so cute on Easter! The pics of him pouting with the ears on are adorable! He will definitely be able to at least do an at home hunt next year. We did it inside this year since it was raining. Chase noticed an egg after going through his basket and had a blast finding the rest.

Nat said...

He looks so cute in that tie!! Looks like you all had a great Easter

Stephanie said...

I loved the pictures of Hunter crying. As cruel as that sounds, the tears made for some great photos.